Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market

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> Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market Expected to reach a high CAGR of 4.89% By 2029

Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market is segmented By Diagnostic Technique (Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA), Latex Agglutination, Radioimmunoassay (RIA), Fluorescent Immunoassay (FIA), Others), By Application (Hospitals, Laboratories, Others), and By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Share, Size, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2022-2029

Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market Size, Share, Growth Outlook

Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.89% during the forecasting period (2022-2029). Rubella is a virus that causes a highly contagious infection but is preventable with a vaccine. A rubella diagnostic test detects the rubella antibodies in the blood produced by the body's immune system in response to immunization or an infection by the rubella virus. These tests are prescribed for pregnant women and may also be performed on babies born with congenital disabilities.

The Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market study analysis offers an in-depth outlook on the market containing both quantitative, and qualitative data. It gives an outlook and forecast of the global market based on the Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market segmentation by diagnostic technique, and by application. It also provides global Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market size, and growth, along with the latest trends, opportunities, and forecast till 2029 for the global market with esteem to major countries such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, European countries, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Australia, and rest of the countries over the globe.

Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market Statistics



Market CAGR


Segments Covered

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Competitive Landscape Analysis, Company Profile Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Demand, Recent Developments, Mergers and acquisitions, New Product Launches, Growth Strategies, Revenue Analysis, and Other key insights.

Fastest Growing Region

Asia Pacific

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Middle East and Africa

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Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market Growth Drivers

The global rubella diagnostic testing market is growing by several factors such as rising incidences of rubella, increasing government initiatives to control the rubella virus and the advancement in point-of-care diagnostic technologies.

The increasing burden of rubella infection and different countries’ vaccination campaigns drive global market growth.

The number of incidences of the rubella virus is increasing globally. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 10361 cases were reported with confirmed diagnosis in 2020, while 10798 diagnostically confirmed rubella cases were reported in 2021. Also, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), rubella is a global health concern. Every year, more than 100,000 cases of congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) are reported globally. A woman infected with rubella during the first three months of pregnancy has up to a 90% probability of giving birth to a baby with congenital rubella syndrome. Furthermore, the governments in various countries globally are conducting vaccination programs to control the incidences of rubella; for instance, India has initiated the Intensified Mission Indradhanush (IMI) 4.0 in different phases in 2022 towards achieving its goal of providing full immunization coverage of 90% and beyond to boost the reach of the universal immunization program, under which more than 3 crore pregnant women and 2.6 crore children are vaccinated each year.

The lack of specific rubella drug treatment will restrain the global Rubella Diagnostic Testing growth.

However, the lack of typical drug treatment for rubella is currently a major stone in the growth of the global rubella diagnostic testing market.

Industry analysis.

The global rubella diagnostic testing report will provide an in-depth analysis of the market based on various industry factors such as porter`s five forces, innovations, new product launches, pricing Etc.

Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market Segmentation Analysis

The enzyme immunoassay (EIA) is expected to have a greater grasp of the market during the forecast period (2022-2029)

The enzyme immunoassay (EIA) is expected to hold the largest market share during the forecast period, owing to the rising incidences of rubella and the advantages of the enzyme immunoassay (EIA) method. For instance, the enzyme immunoassay is the most used as it is relatively inexpensive, technically easy to perform, rapid, and very sensitive. EIA is used to detect rubella-specific immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies. IgM testing is the most commonly performed technique using commercial enzyme immunoassay (EIA) kits. The blood test detects antibodies made by the immune system to kill the rubella virus, which remains in the bloodstream for years. The EIA is also suitable for diagnosing acute infections, as a significant increase in antibody levels was detected in all paired specimens tested from patients with acute rubella infection.

Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market Geographical Analysis

The Middle East and Africa are dominating the global market for Rubella Diagnostic Testing .

The middle east and Africa are assumed to command the global market for rubella diagnostic testing during the forecast period (2022-2029) since there is an increased prevalence of the rubella virus infection; for instance, according to the WHO, in 2020, there were around 4887 cases in Africa which is high compared to other WHO regions. Furthermore, the low immunization efficacy of these regions will contribute to their dominance in upcoming forecast years; for instance, as per the WHO regional office for Africa, the African Region still linger behind other WHO regions of the world for access to immunization; around 1 out of 5 African children fail to receive all the necessary and basic immunizations; therefore, over 30 million African children below the age of five still suffer with vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs) annually in Africa, over half a million children die annually because of vaccine-preventable diseases, representing approximately 58% of global vaccine-preventable diseases related deaths.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

COVID-19 negatively impacted the global market during the outburst because to prevent further COVID-19 infection spread, restrictions and regulations were imposed, making it difficult for people to perform rubella diagnoses affecting the sales of the rubella diagnostic kits. Furthermore, during the pandemic, regular vaccination programs were on hold, which according to NIH estimation, put 80 million infants at risk of infection by measles, polio and diphtheria, negatively impacting the global market.

Competitive Landscape

A few major players dominate the market for rubella diagnostic testing, and most are presently focused on developing new technologies to gain a significant market share. Some major players include Bio Rad Laboratories Inc., Abbott Laboratories, BioMerieux SA, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Siemens AG, Biokit SA, Beckman Coulter Inc., Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, ZEUS Scientific Inc., F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, among others. These key players are adopting various growth strategies such as product launches, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations. For instance, on February 17, 2022, Siemens Healthineers and UNICEF partnered to help improve access to healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa. Also, on September 02, 2021, Abbott acquired WALK VASCULAR, LLC.

Siemens AG


Siemens AG is a leading industrial manufacturing company founded in 1847 and is headquartered in Munich. At present, Siemens has fifty-five subsidiaries enlisted under the German Commercial Code. The company deals with Industry Solutions, Energy Solutions, Healthcare Solutions (Siemens Healthineers), and Infrastructure & City Solutions.

Product Portfolio:

The product portfolio of Siemens AG for rubella diagnostic testing has TORCH and Special ID Assays, IMMULITE 1000 Immunoassay System, ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System, ADVIA Centaur XP Immunoassay System, Etc.

The global rubella diagnostic testing report would provide access to approximately 40+ market data tables, 45+ figures, and in the range of 200 (approximate) pages.

  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Projected CAGR value of the Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market ?

Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.89% during the forecasting period 2022-2029.

Which region controlled the global market during 2022-2029?

North America region Controls the Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market  during 2022-2029.

Which is the fastest growing region in the Rubella Diagnostic Testing Market ?

Among all regions, Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market share during the forecast period.



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