Know Your Competitors KYC

DataM Intelligence CIA provides you the advantage to maintain being stronger so you can define your business. You may utilize this information as a planning tool for future business decisions you make.” Gaining an edge in the Market requires both an understanding of your rivals' company operations and how they interact in the market. Every company seeks to gain a competitive edge. Both obtaining and maintaining one are difficult.

Competitive Intelligence

  • The Strategic Planning from DATAM INTELLIGENCE incorporates external competitive data to confront the market forces
  • To accomplish better research and generate strategic insights, we make sure to follow the structured analysis.
  • Compliance with the best practices of legal and ethical conduct, trade secret laws, and corporate codes of conduct for the client.
  • Ensure that decision risks are minimized and that external developments are less likely to be uncertain

Effectiveness of Competitive Intelligence. Heres Why

  • Generate business/corporate strategy
  • Develop effective counter-competitive techniques against one or more rivals.
  • Prepare a new product launch, new market entry, or another strategic move in the market
  • Examine comparable businesses.
  • Plan ahead to take advantage of and avoid any market disruptions in the future.
  • Analyze the viability of competitors' product positioning and marketing strategies.

CI Process

Real-time research and unbiased analysis on the markets, equities, industries, and emerging technologies to derive structured global markets analysis. Market leaders and Industry experts build their company strategy on market projections supported by DATAM INTELLIGENCE with the use of competitive intelligence, which helps them see further into the future.


Our CI Strategy

It is crucial to create a corporate strategy. DATAM INTELLIGENCE uses known and unpublished sources, where the Competitive Intelligence analysis offers expertise into market trends and constraints in an organized, regulated, and ethical manner. DATAM INTELLIGENCE provides more insights on the competitive Intelligence to our Clients by performing and gathering information through.


Market Dynamics

Business competitiveness is increasing, and transformation is emerging more quickly than ever. According to a DATAM study, 62% of organizations are being affected by disruption, and 44% of them are very exposed to it. Additionally, we discovered that just 5% of publicly traded corporations have significantly improved their organizations’ strategy implementation.


Market Player require to gather, examine, and take action on information about your company's competitive environment with the help of DATAM INTELLIGENCE competitive intelligence. Any aspect of your competitive landscape, including the market, goods, supply chain, etc., may be covered by this intelligence. Succinctly summarized, competitive intelligence is the continuous observation of the factors that influence your capacity to create and sustain a competitive edge. For a company to gain a competitive advantage, all teams in your company need specific and actionable intelligence relevant to their job function. The other intelligence services covered in the Consulting Projects from DATAM INTELLIGENCE are:


Case studies

Leading Corporation expands its worldwide presence through prior strategic acquisitions and collaborations.


Japanese Based Pharma and Chemicals Group approaches DataM Intelligence to deploy valuable insights on US Opioids for Drug Discovery Research and Market size.


Swiss Based Oral Healthcare Firm Uses DATAM Intelligence services to Reach Market Potential for Oral Mucositis Therapy


DATAM is delighted to have completed the fundraising of raises €5 million round with a CAPITAL FUND Partner, burgeoning target markets.