MISSION-ONE “To empower clients with advanced Research & Consulting services that will enhance their competitiveness across different geographies in their respective industry domains, which in turn enable them to meet their business goals.“


  • - Being Remarkable, Taking Ownership, Nurturing & Trust and at the end Execution Matters
  • - We are inclusive and collaborative & execution excellence is the core value of our firm
  • - We are obsessed with being responsible and delivering premium value to our customers

DataM Intelligence was incorporated in the early weeks of 2017 as a Market Research and Consulting firm with just two people on board. Within a span of less than a year, we have secured more than 100 unique customers from established organizations all over the world.

DataM Intelligence has set its standards in the market, which resulted in having our own set of recurring clients who are willing to invest in us and build business relationships with customers across the globe. We started working with clients on customized reports and providing market intelligence insights pulling ahead of our competitors.

The Company has taken up many consult projects during this growth period, which paved the way for introducing new launches in the forthcoming years.


DataM Intelligence was established on an elemental idea of publishing Advanced Market Research Reports with precise data points & utmost accuracy that will accelerate the decision-making in designing disruptive solutions.

We monitor and analyze the market by dissecting various market influencers, competitive intensity, innovations, trends, and emerging products. This aids us in providing a detailed scenario of the present and future of the market.

We have evolved by building our own strong syndicated business arm through which we publish market reports that have been extensively researched by our in-house team of analysts. These unique solutions cater to every business segment, irrespective of the size of the organization.


We serve various individuals and entities across B2B, including Industry Investors & Investment Bankers, Research Professionals, Emerging Companies, Raw Material Suppliers/ Buyers, Product Suppliers/ Buyers, Research Institutes.

Our services help clients to make informed strategic decisions to leverage expertise and minimalize risks by

  • - Ascertaining target potential customers
  • - Identifying key market trends and competitor strategies
  • - Analysing competitors’ products, pricing, financials, sales, and strategy
  • - Identifying investment opportunities
  • - Interpreting Market Entry Prospects

  • Syndicated ResearchDMI’s syndicated research reports provide leading-edge research solutions. We maintain a repository of comprehensive reports across varied industrial domains.
  • Custom ResearchDMI’s custom research services typically deal with the creation of tailored and client-centric reports. Research involves extensive secondary and primary research combined with expert validations to provide clients highly reliable specified data. It typically encompasses Granular Market Segmentation, Market Opportunity Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Product Assessment, Market Access Strategies, Product Life cycle Management Strategy, Consumer Surveys.
  • Market Intelligence InsightsDMI’s Market Intelligence holds high expertise in analyzing the market landscape and monitoring the competitive landscape. Pipeline Portfolio Tracking, CT Analysis, Competitor Product Monitoring, Strategic Collaborations Landscape, Competitor Analysis

A US-based Medical Device manufacturing company whose flagship product placement in the Asian Market was enhanced by beneficial Product Marketing Strategies,Product Launches,Technology Trends and Competitive Benchmarking from DMI.

A GCC based Feed company wanting to enter a new market in Asia-Pacific whose impactful entrance was fuelled by DMI’s analysis of Industry Competitors,Market Entry Potential,Market Dynamics and Investment Analysis.

A Western European Airline Caterer whose successful expansion into Central Europe and Asia was boosted by our Supply Chain Analysis,Market Segmentation by application,type and region,Porters Analysis,Analysis of Vendor Market Shares,Key Vendors and Future Outlook.