Published: 2019 April 09
Updated : 2023 February 17

Freeze Dried Food Market

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Freeze-Dried Food Market is segmented By Type (Freeze-Dried Fruit, Freeze-Dried Vegetable, Freeze-Dried Beverage, Freeze-Dried Dairy Products, Freeze-Dried Meat & Seafood, and Prepared Foods), and By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Share, Size, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2023- 2030.

Freeze Dried Food Market were valued at USD 33,230.57 million in 2021. It is forecasted to reach USD YY million by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 7.9% during the forecast period (2023- 2030). Freeze dried foods have no moisture or water content, making them smaller and lighter. Freeze drying is the best method and is mainly used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. In the freeze-dried process, foods are dried at low temperatures without damaging their physical properties. The freeze-dried processing method helps to increase the shelf life of the products. Freeze-dried foods don't need to be preserved or refrigerated with chemicals, and it reconstituted quickly and easily by adding water and hence a healthy food choice. Consumption of freeze-dried food products such as snacks, fruits, vegetables, and pet food increased in the forecast period, driving market growth. Also, consumers' demand for ready-to-eat food products is expected to grow in the market in the forecast period.

Freeze-Dried Food Market



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Fastest Growing Region

Asia Pacific

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North America

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Market Dynamics:

Increased demand for the convenience food drives market growth

Freeze-dried food requires less time to produce and less effort to prepare than fresh food. The increasing customer demand for convenience foods has indirectly benefited the rising demand for them. Due to the customers' busy lifestyles; there is a rising need for convenience in demand for freeze-dried food. The growing need to increase the shelf life of food while maintaining its nutritional value is projected to propel the freeze dried foods market. Freeze-dried foods provide consumers with a simple and quick meal option and are helpful in emergencies. As a result, the adoption of freeze-dried food will rise, propelling the market forward. Snacking on healthy foods is becoming more popular. Consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and seeking vegan, gluten-free, and all-natural foods, prompting worldwide producers to place freeze-dried snacks on store shelves.

Moreover, continuously increasing women's employment rate helps the market to grow. For working women, it is not easy to cook fresh meals all the time owing to their busy schedules. That is the reason women are looking for other options for eating and cooking, which takes less time or ready-to-eat food like frozen snacks. In 2021 the United States had 46.3% working women, which is more than the previous year. Also, in India, female labor participation rose to 25.1 percent in 2021. For the rural part of India, the female labor force has increased by 3 percent to 27.7 percent, while urban women's participation rate has seen a 0.1 rise to 18.6 percent compared to 2019. Rising consumption of ready-to-eat food due to the busy lifestyle of women across the globe is compelling manufacturers to produce unique flavors and ingredients in frozen snacks. This factor is expected to drive the freeze dried foods market.

Market Segmentation:

Meat and seafood segment accounted for the highest share in global freeze-dried food market

The meat and seafood segment accounted for a dominant market share over the forecast period. This freeze-dried meat and seafood have higher shelf life than regular products and are more convenient to use. Consumers in developed and developing countries like the United States, Canada, the U.K., China, France, and Italy prefer freeze-dried food due to their hectic schedules. Most consumers prefer meat and seafood due to their high nutrient value and clean product label. Freeze-dried food manufacturers are trying to add new products to their portfolio, which attracts consumers to buy more meat and seafood products. Meat and seafood are widely used in various fast-food items, such as patties in burgers and frozen toppings in pizzas. These products have a longer shelf life and can be stored easily. These factors increase the sales of freeze-dried meat and seafood products.

Geographical Penetration:

Asia Pacific is the dominating region during the forecast period

Asia Pacific region held the largest market share in the forecast period due to the increased consumer demand freeze dried food due to the busy lifestyle and increased working women population. India and China are the developing countries that hold the largest market share due to their increased population. An increase in disposable income and preference for food that provides convenience in cooking and consumption has gained profound importance, especially among the urban populace owing to their busy lifestyle. Major Key players in the region launched new products that attract consumers to buy freeze-dried food products. For instance, in April 2020, Nestle launched nesQino with 100 % natural ingredients to create healthy, customizable super food drinks. The new product is first launched in China. From the latest product, customers can make 21 different super food drink recipes designed by creative nutritionists using different types of ingredients known to be healthy. The super food sachets are made from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, roots and microalgae. They also have probiotics to help boost overall well-being.

Competitive Landscape:

There are several established participants in the industry and local manufacturers; hence, the market is fragmented. Some major market players are Nestle, Ajinomoto Co. Inc., Asahi Group Holdings Ltd,, Harmony House Foods Inc., Mercer Foods LLC, OFD Foods LLC, Crispy Green Inc., Mondelez International Inc., and Unilever, Kerry Group Plc. among others. Some major companies launched new products in the market to increase their sales. For instance, in June 2021, Sow Good Inc. launched its new product line of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks and smoothies. All the products are made using freeze-drying technology to eliminate water from fruits and vegetables, which increases the crispiness of the product and maintains flavors and preserves more than 97% of the nutrients. The company’s new product line includes nine snacks and six ready-to-make smoothies. The smoothie products feature a mix of new flavors, including acai relief, mint to be and berry appeeling. It also includes single-ingredient fruits and vegetables such as cherries, edamame and apples. The products are available direct-to-consumer online for $7.50 per smoothie and $5.25 per 1.5-oz snack bag. Also, European freeze-dry released its latest range of gourmet ingredients to be used in high-quality snacks and ready meals with a two years shelf life. The new gourmet range includes a range of high-quality freeze-dried ingredients which can be added to savory and sweet NPD, including ready meals, noodle pots and cereal bars. The latest product range includes Mulled apple, Char Sui pork, Carne Asada beef and Chilli marinated shrimp. Some key players follow merger and acquisition strategies to expand their business. For instance, in September 2022, Freeze-dried food manufacturer Thrive Foods announced its new facility of 341,000-square-foot in North America. The further facility support Thrive’s freeze-drying capabilities for pet treats and probiotics.

COVID-19 Impact:

Positive impact on the global freeze dried food market.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most people worked from home, and due to government restrictions, hotels and restaurants were closed, which moved consumers to buy freeze-dried food products. Some of the other reasons which led to an increase in sales of frozen snacks during the pandemic are the high shelf life of freeze-dried food, consumer desire to stock up in case of food shortages, enabling consumers to limit the number of trips to the grocery store, the ease of preparation, saving time on trial and cleanup and consumers’ belief that frozen foods are safer than fresh items. Also, the demand for home-prepared meals increased. Consumers turned to online shopping for freeze-dried food. Moreover, during the pandemic, there was an increasing demand for ready-to-cook freeze-dried foods. According to American Frozen Food Institute and FMI—the Food Industry Association report, American online frozen food sales increased by 21% in 2020, with frozen snacks, dinners, meat, poultry and seafood as the biggest online sellers. Some major key players in freeze-dried food announced that their sales increased during the pandemic. For instance, a European freeze-dry company boosts its sale during the pandemic, driven by consumers seeking a variety of meals at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Projected CAGR value of the Freeze Dried Food Market?

Freeze Dried Food Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% during the forecasting period 2023- 2030.

Which region controlled the global market during 2023- 2030?

North America region Controls the Freeze Dried Food Market during 2023- 2030.

Which is the fastest growing region in the Freeze Dried Food Market?

Among all regions, Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market share during the forecast period 

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