India Depth Filtration Market Size, Competitive Landscape and Market Forecast - 2029

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> India Depth Filtration Market Expected to reach a high CAGR during the forecast period 2022-2029: DataM Intelligence

India Depth Filtration Market is segmented By Component (Filter Sheets, Filter Modules (12'', 16''), Filter Press (Housing) (Plate, Frame filters)), By Product (Food and Beverage (Beer, Wine, Fruit Juice, Water, Tea, Soft Drinks, Baby Food, Spirits, Cannabis Extracts, Fragrances, Oils, Others), Pharmaceuticals, Oil Industry, Water Filtration, Chemicals, Others), By Application (Colloid Removal, Chill Haze Filtration, Microorganism Filtration, Others), and By Region – Share, Size, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2022-2029


Market Overview

The India Depth Filtration Market is expected to grow at a CAGR during the forecasting period (2022-2029).

Depth filtration in India is mainly used for the microfiltration of fluids in several end-user emerging industries in India, such as food & beverages, water filtration, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and many other industrial applications. The water filtration product manufacturers mostly use depth filtration equipment in India in India. As depth filters are most effective for the colloidal particle and haze removal to facilitate clean and pure water for drinking and food and beverages industries in India

The most common application of the depth filtration market in India includes self-cleaning and pre-filtration to RO filtration systems, Industrial water filtration, incoming process water filtration, and liquid filtration food and beverage industry, and oil removal and particle filtration in refineries and petrochemicals. Depth Filtration is substantially used in end-user industries such as food and beverages, water filtration systems, oils, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other industries in India.


Market Dynamics

India depth filtration is driven by rising demand by the food and beverages industries with the surge in government investment for the food processing projects. Depth filters are commonly used in the food and beverages industry to filter water and other fluids to remove the suspended particles and hazes. Depth filtration removes the impurity by collecting unwanted particles with filter media's help bypassing the fluid flow through it. Further, India's depth filtration market is driven by the surge in the production and consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in India.

The depth filtration market is also driven by increasing demand by the end-user industries such as oils, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and many others to provide purification and filtration activities.

Rising investment by the leading players in the food and beverages industry with the surge in government schemes and initiatives programs has a depth filtration market with maximum demand by India's urban populations.

The market is driven by the surge in demand in the food and beverages industries due to the growing urban population and rising government support and initiatives in India. For instance, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the food processing sector in India reached around US$ 7.54 billion during the period April 2000-March 2017, and the food processing sector FDI investment is projected to reach US$ 33 billion by 2026 and will also generate employment of nine million people. It created a massive demand for the depth filtration products such as filter sheets and filter modules market in these industries.

Also, government investments and funding schemes for developing the food processing industry and other green industrial projects have propelled India's depth filtration market. For instance, as per the India Brand Equity Foundation Organization (IBEF) report, the Government of India has targeted huge investment for the growth in the food processing sector by leveraging Foreign direct investment (FDI) in the marketing of food products, and the Government has executed various schemes incentives for development. In 2018, the Government of India had allocated around US$ 1.2 billion for setting up dairy processing plants and infrastructure development in its budget. It created a massive demand for the depth filtration market in India.

Growing demand by the leading alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers with the surge in consumer spending of the Indian people has propelled the depth filtration market.

Growing consumption and production of alcoholic beverages with India's huge population demand have propelled the depth filtration market growth. For instance, the total consumption of the food and beverage segment in India reached around US$ 369 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach around US$ 1.142 trillion by 2025. Thus it created a massive demand for the module and sheets type depth filters require in the food and beverages industry.

Lack of government schemes and projects and high capital costs required for manufacturing may hinder the growth of the depth filtration market.

Depth filtration products include filter press, filter modules, and filter housing, which require high capital costs for manufacturing, which hampers the growth of this market. Also, a lack of government schemes for the industrial development of the government schemes for the food and beverages processing industry may hamper this market's growth in India.

For instance, the Government of India has inaugurated a food park in India on 1st June 2017. Union Food Processing Minister of India has inaugurated the first mega food park in Odisha, India. Still, there is the work of establishing the mega food park is not completed as of Jan 2021. It hampers the growth of the depth filtration market in India.

The growing launch of advanced technology-based depth filtration products to enhance the leading payers' filtration capabilities may strengthen the depth filtration market's growth.

Several leading players are launching new technology-based depth filtration products to strengthen the filtration capacity and efficiency may create huge opportunities for the growth of the depth filtration market. For instance, on 4th June 2020, Filtrox launched hard seltzer filtration used by several beverage producers for low-calorie drinks to achieve the drinks' highest quality. It may create a huge opportunity for the growth of the depth filtration market in India.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

The India depth filtration market has shown immense declination due to theCovid-19pandemic, as several leading manufacturing industries were closed. Indian Government has announced lockdown from 22nd March to 31st May, which have restricted production activities during the covid-19 pandemic. Further, food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals industrial growth declined due to weak supply in June 2020.

However, the demand for depth filtration is slightly increased in August 2020, as several leading manufacturers started production. The leading manufacturers of the food and beverages and pharmaceuticals industries have announced a huge investment in India despite the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For instance, on 8th August 2020, PepsiCo India has increased its investment from US$ 68 million to US$ 108 million in Uttar Pradesh, India. Also, the demand for depth filtration is driven by pharmaceutical manufacturers due to a sudden increase in demand for sanitisers in India.

Also, the Government has granted permission to produce hand sanitiser in India. For instance, on 26th March 2020, India's Government has permitted more than 45 distilleries and 564 other manufacturers for producing hand sanitisers. Thus it created a slightly high demand for the depth filtration market require in the purification and manufacturing facilities of the hand sanitiser producing industries in India. Further demand for the depth filtration market will boost as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic will over.

Segmentation Analysis

The India depth filtration is segmented based on component, product, application, and region.

Rising demand in the food and beverages processing industries sector with surge consumption and production in India have propelled filter modules segmental growth for this market.

In terms of components, the India depth filtration is bifurcated into filter sheets, filter modules (12'' and 16''), and filter press (housing) (plate and frame filters). The filter sheets segment has the highest market share due to the surge in demand by the small and medium scale food and beverages processing industries in India and growing government support and schemes.

For instance, as of 29th October 2020, the Government has funded 37 food parks under the Mega Food Parks Scheme. Among these, 20 food parks are operational, and 17 are under implementation state. Thus, it created a massive demand for the depth filter sheets used in India's food processing industries as depth filtration sheets to clarify and sterilize bulk liquids, such as in beer, wine, and other soft drinks larger production.


Increasing demand in the food processing industry with the surge in government support and initiatives has propelled the demand for the food and beverage segmental growth for the depth filtration market.

The India depth filtration market is segmented into food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, oil industry, water filtration, chemicals, and others based on the product. The soft drinks segment has the highest market share due to rising consumption, production, and investment by India's leading players due to growing population demand. For instance, on 4th August 2020, Cocacola leading soft drinks manufacturer have invested more than US$ 1.7 billion in India to enhance production capabilities due to rising soft drinks consumption in India.


The rising food and beverages industry with growing production capabilities and expansion by the leading players have propelled the demand for chill haze removal depth filtration.

In terms of the applications, the India depth filtration market is segmented into colloid removal, chill haze filtration, microorganism filtration, etc. The chill haze filtration segment has the highest market share due to rising demand by the food processing industry and India's pharmaceutical industry.

For instance, as per the Invest Government Organization, India has more than 39,748 registered units with total fixed capital valued at more than US$ 32.75 billion. The aggregate output of the food processing industry in India was valued at around US$158.69 billion India, which includes edible oils, grains, beverages, sugar, and dairy products.


Competitive Landscape

The India depth filtration market is highly consolidated with the presence of major global companies. Some of the key players which are contributing to the growth of the market include 3M, Filtrox Ag, Pall Corporation, Gruppo Cordenons SpA, ErtelAlsop, Sudamericana de Filtrado SA, Parker–Hannifin Corporation (Dominik Hunter), Eaton Corporation Inc, ShenYang City Great Wall Filter Sheet Company, Xingtai Futai Paper Development Co., Ltd, Gussmer Cellulo, Ceprohart SA Braila and among others.

The major players are launching new products and adopting several growth strategies such as mergers, acquisitions, and collaborations, contributing to India's depth filtration market. For instance, on 14th Nov 2020, 3M becomes partnered with Cummins to enhance the production of high-efficiency particulate filters used in 3M's air-purifying respirators.

The partnership can more than double the current production of filters for 3M's protective equipment. The additional particulate filters are needed as 3M has ramped up production of PAPRs to meet the surge in demand for personal protective equipment due to the COVID – 19 outbreaks.

Eaton Corporation Inc.:

Overview: Eaton Corporation was founded in 1911 and headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company is an energy-efficient solutions provider that thrives customers to manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power more efficiently, effectively, safely, and sustainably.

The company provides products in several industries, including filtration, power management, hydraulics, automotive, truck, hybrid power, aerospace, electrical, industrial clutches, brakes, and plastic extrusion.

Eaton Corporation has registered revenue of approximately US$ 21.4 billion due to a wide range of sales of its products to customers located in more than 175 countries, including India.

Product Portfolio: The company has a product portfolio of depth filtration that includes:

  • Depth Filter Sheets: The depth filter sheet has high–purity, finely fibrillated cellulose fibres from the support purification process and provides a large internal surface. Perlite qualities are different, ensuring a voluminous, asymmetric pore structure and a large dirt holding capacity. Conventional depth filters sheets with different clarifying sharpness and infiltrates volume offer specifically tailored filtrate quality in all filtration ranges.
  • Activated Carbon Depth Filter Sheets: Activated carbon depth filter sheets are used for removing colour and odour from liquids in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. The sheet is constructed from a micro-porous, inert material. The depth filter sheet provides exceptional adsorption capacity for the widest possible range of applications and operating conditions. Eaton's BECO ACF 07 depth filter sheets are easy to use and allow dust-free handling.

Key Development: On 27th May 2020, Eaton launched a new double-layer membrane filter cartridge Beco Membrane Ps Pure DL, with a high retention rate. This membrane filter cartridge for sterile filtration with the maximized filter area of 8.6 ft² achieves an absolute retention rate of 0.1 µm.

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