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Empty Capsules Market Size, Global Growth Opportunities | Analysis report 2023 - 2030

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Empty Capsules Market is segmented By Product Type (Gelatin Capsules (Porcine, Bovine, Bone Meal), Non-Gelatin Capsules (HPMC, Pullulan)), By Therapeutic Application (Antibiotic & Antibacterial Drugs, Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, Vitamin & Dietary Supplements, Antacid and Antiflatulent Preparations, Antianemic Preparations, Cardiovascular Therapy Drugs), By End-User (Animal Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Industry, Nutraceutical Industry), and By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Share, Size, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2023 - 2030


Empty Capsules Market Overview

[180 pages] Report on Global Empty Capsules by DataM Intelligence estimates the market to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period 2023-2030. Empty Capsules usage in storing herbs, powders and medicines is on the rise. Demand from pharmaceuticals in Asia Pacific is booming. Competitive rivalry intensifies with CapsCanada Corporation, Medicaps Ltd, Roxlor LLC and others operating in the market

A capsule is the encapsulation of dosage forms, in a relatively stable shell, allowing them to be taken orally or be used as suppositories. Empty capsules are the most common option to store herbs, powders and medicines. Mainly there are two types of capsules - Hard-shelled capsules, containing dry, powdered ingredients and miniature pellets which are made through extrusion or spheronization.


Empty Capsules Market Scope and Summary



Market CAGR


Segments Covered

By Product Type, By Therapeutic Application, By End-User, and By Region

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Competitive Landscape Analysis, Company Profile Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Demand, Recent Developments, Mergers and acquisitions, New Product Launches, Growth Strategies, Revenue Analysis, and Other key insights.

Fastest Growing Region

Asia Pacific

Largest Market Share 

North America


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Empty Capsules Market Trends and Dynamics

The global empty capsules market is growing due to several factors such as, growing geriatric population, increasing incidence of chronic diseases, and advancement in product by manufacturers.

Increasing prevalence of chronic disease and rising geriatric population are expected to drive the market growth.

The increased prevalence of geriatric population associated with chronic conditions imposes a high demand to produce medicines to treat chronic health conditions. The geriatric population mostly prefers capsules in the solid dosage forms as they are easy to swallow, they have faster dissolution times, and the decreased gastrointestinal irritation caused by capsules. In 2019, the number of Americans ages 65 and older was around 46 million, and it is expected to be 98 million by 2060. The 65-and-older age group’s share of the total population is expected to rise by 24% in 2060 from 15% in 2017.

The aging population is projected to grow at a faster pace in Central America with an increase of over 50% in the population aged 60 years or above. The aging population in other regions will grow over the upcoming years at a rate of 56% in Asia, 52% in Africa, 35% in Oceania, 29% in North America, and 14% in Europe. By 2020, older persons are anticipated to account for more than 20% of the populations in Europe and in North America, 15% in Oceania, 12% in Asia and Central America, and 4% in Africa. Hence, growing geriatric population is one of the major factors driving the growth of the empty capsules market globally.

Stringent regulations in pharma and high price of gelatin are expected to hamper the market growth.

However, rising prices of gelatin and stringent regulations in pharmaceutical industry are hampering the growth of the empty capsules market. Increasing demand for leather and the shortage of animal bone and pigskin have led to the closure of some factories that were unable to obtain enough raw material, hence leads to slow in the rate of supply. As gelatin is produced mostly as the by-product from the leather and meat industries, and is derived from collagen, a protein manufactured from bones and pig skins. The prices have increased recently, as there is concern that the higher feed prices seen due to the recent drought in the US and Russia may be leading to a fall in the number of the animals, from which gelatin is produced.

Industry Analysis

The global empty capsules market provides in-depth analysis of the market based on various industry factors such as porter’s five forces, regulatory analysis, supply chain analysis, pricing analysis and unmet needs.

Empty Capsules Market Segmentation Analysis

Gelatin capsules segment is expected to hold the largest market share in global empty capsules market

By product type, the global empty capsules market is segmented into gelatin capsules, and non-gelatin capsules. Among these, gelatin capsules accounted for the largest market share. Gelatin is widely used in the empty capsules market due to its softness, lack of a notable odor or taste, and stability across a wide temperature range. However, growing opposition to animal-derived gelatin in economically crucial markets such as India, where vegetarianism is the norm, is likely to lead to significant product development in the global empty capsules market in the coming years. The high volume of unmet demand in India, where most of the population lacks access to the latest healthcare solutions, thus carries great significance for the global empty capsules market. In addition, the increasing launch of new products and strategic alliance between companies to develop gelatin capsules, are also driving the growth of the gelatin capsules market. For instance, in July 2021, NutaV TiO2 launched a novel variety of TiO2 free capsules. These are designed in gelatin and HPMC both ans provides best encapsulation solutions.

On the other hand, the non-gelatin capsules segment is estimated to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period, due to growing demand for non-animal-based products and the benefits offered by these capsules over gelatin-based ones, such as physical stability, low hygroscopicity, stability in different ranges of temperature & humidity, and low moisture content.

Based on applications, the empty capsules market is segmented into anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotic & antibacterial drugs, antacid & antiflatulent preparations, vitamins & dietary supplements, antianemic preparations (hematinic), cardiovascular therapy drugs, and others. Among these, the vitamins & dietary supplements segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period, owing to rising health awareness and increasing affordability in emerging countries (such as China, India, and Brazil), growing prevalence of chronic diseases, and increasing use of vitamin capsules due to their availability as over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

Global Empty Capsules Market Geographical Share

North America region holds the largest market share in the global empty capsules market

North America holds the dominant market share for empty capsules, and it is expected to maintain the growth over the forecast period, due to the factors, such as the increasing number of ongoing research activities, the growing preference for capsule-based nutraceutical formulations, and increasing approvals to sell the product in this region. The demand for empty capsules is increasing in nutraceutical industry due to rising major health problems, such as obesity, cancer, and arthritis in this region.

This market of empty capsules is going to grow with highest CAGR in Asia region as various key players are developing manufacturing sites in Asia and demand of these capsules is also increasing due to rising geriatric population in this region. For instance, in Feb 2021, Qualicaps Europe expanded its business in South Asia. The company now have capsule manufacturing experts in South Asia and EMEA.

In May 2019, Lonza launched Capsugel Zephyr, its new dry-powder inhalation (DPI) capsule portfolio, the most complete portfolio of DPI capsules to meet the growing need for customized solutions for optimal pulmonary drug delivery.

Empty Capsules Companies and Competitive Landscape

The empty capsules market is highly competitive with presence of large number of players. Some of the major players in the global empty capsules market are: Capscanada Corporation, ACG Group, Snail Pharma Industry Co. Ltd, Bright Pharmacaps Inc., Capsugel, Medi-Caps Ltd, Qualicaps, Roxlor LLC, Suheung Co. Ltd, and Sunil Healthcare Limited, among others.

The key players are adopting various growth strategies such as product launches, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations which are contributing to the growth of the Empty Capsules market globally. For instance,

  • In Mar 2021, CapsCanada a capsule technology company announced the launch of its novel liquid-filled hard capsule manufacturing service. It is U.S. FDA approved and CGMP compliant for testing of injectable.
  • In Oct 2020, Lonza announced CHF85m investment in its division of Capsule and Health Ingredients, delivery partner of dosage form to biopharma industry and expand its capsules production capacity with CHI.
  • In Jun 2020, Lonza capsules and Health Ingredients introduced their HPMC double blinded capsules Capsugel BDcaps for clinical trials. These are developed for usage as over encapsulation solution. 
  • In May 2019, Lonza launched Capsugel Zephyr, its new dry-powder inhalation (DPI) capsule portfolio, the most complete portfolio of DPI capsules to meet the growing need for customized solutions for optimal pulmonary drug delivery.

ACG Group:

Overview: ACG is multinational pharmaceutical company of integrated supplier of solid dosage products and services. It markets empty pharmaceutical capsules, tablet compression and coating systems, encapsulation machinery and performance enhancers. It provides services in more than 100 countries. It was founded in 1961 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India.  

Product Portfolio:

ACG Caps GL/HL: Specially developed and designed empty hard capsules for the liquid formulations. It can be applicable for liquid, hot-melts, semi-liquids and combination fills in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations.

Key Developments: In May 2020, ACG groups, integrated solutions to pharma and nutraceutical industry announced that its ACGcaps H+ capsules received compliance certificate from Clean Label Project.

The global empty capsules market report would provide an access to an approx. 45+market data table, 40+figures and 180pages.


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Who are the major competitors in Empty Capsules Market?
Major players are CapsCanada Corporation, Sunil Healthcare Ltd. (Sunloc Healthcare, Inc.), Medicaps Ltd, Capsugel, Inc, Bright Pharmacaps Inc, Roxlor LLC, Suheung Co. Ltd, Snail Pharma Industry Co. Ltd, Patheon,Inc and ACG Group.
What is the Projected CAGR value of the Empty Capsules Market?
Global Empty Capsules Market is estimated to reach at a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period (2023- 2030).