Electroporation Instruments Market Size, Competitive Landscape and Market Forecast - 2029

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> Global Electroporation Instruments Market Expected to reach a high CAGR of 8.03% By 2029: DataM Intelligence

Global Electroporation Instruments Market is segmented By Product (Total Electroporation System, Eukaryotic Electroporation System, Microbial Electroporation System), By Application (Protein Production, Bio-Medical Research, Therapeutic Delivery), By Region (North America, Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Size, Share, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2022-2029


Market Overview

The global electroporation instruments market is estimated to reach at a high CAGR of 8.03 % during the forecast period (2022-2029).   

Electroporation instruments use a molecular biology technology based on electrical conductivity to generate permeability in the cell membrane through which molecule of interest can pass through it passively. Electroporation instruments are beneficial in introducing foreign proteins to different cell types, such as bacterial or mammalian cells.

Market Dynamics

The electroporation instruments market growth is driven by the Increasing research and development funding by public and private bodies. In addition, with the increase in the technological advancement in the field of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and pharmacology, increases its penetration rates, a collaboration between major market players and academic institutions, funding for research in electrophoresis technique, increasing focus on next-generation sequencing techniques, are some of the factors driving the growth of electroporation instrument market.

Development of vaccine delivery system using electroporation technology, is expected to drive the growth in the forecast period

The electroporation technique is widely preferred to enhance nucleic acid uptake with the DNA to generate an immune response against an antigen when the vaccine is delivered through the skin. The rise in the prevalence of infectious diseases and other skin disorders is likely to drive the demand for electroporation instruments. The potential of the electrophoresis method in locating the local antigen expression in the epidermis offers a significant advantage to patients. Electroporation technique creates an inflammatory environment, and hence, its association with DNA vaccination would result in strong expression of vaccine antigen, thus driving the global electroporation instruments market.

Progress in gene editing techniques, is expected to drive the growth in the forecast period

The advancements in gene-editing technologies, including regularly- interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) and CRISPR-associated (Cas) proteins or transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs), have enabled the researchers to curate targeted sequence-specific changes across the DNA– a factor that is expected to rise the adoption of electroporation instruments. As the advancements in gene-editing techniques occur at a steady pace, the prospects of this market continue to look at a bright future. Moreover, as applications of gene editing techniques continue to increase research and development, the adoption of electroporation instruments is likely to witness considerable growth. In addition, significant advancements in the electroporation instruments and electrodes coupled with the increasing compatibility with cutting-edge gene-editing technology are likely to play a key role in the overall development of the global electroporation instruments market.

Non-specific transport and other complications is likely to hamper the market growth

The electroporation methods have some disadvantages compared to other delivery systems. In some cases, non-specific transport of the material can result in an ion imbalance, leading to improper cell function and death. Irreversible electroporation could lead to cell homeostasis loss, widely considered an unconventional mode for cell death. The electroporation method causes complications and skin edema, as compared to other physical methods.

Industry Analysis

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

The COVID-19 impact on the global electroporation instruments market is expected to remain moderate in 2020, as the research and development activities are likely to remain unaffected. Moreover, the increasing adoption of gene-editing technology across the healthcare sector globally is likely to continue in 2020, due to which the electroporation instruments market is projected to witness the steady growth. As the precision medicines are playing an imperative role in assisting researchers and scientists to evaluate the new coronavirus, the demand for electroporation instruments is likely to grow. In addition, CRISPR-based diagnostics are increasingly being used to accurately diagnose a range of medical diseases, including the new COVID-19 infection– another factor that is expected to propel the market growth for electroporation instruments COVID-19 era.

Segment Analysis

The total electroporation system segment is expected to hold largest share in this market segment

An increase in the burden of diseases across the globe has prompted various healthcare organizations to focus on drug discovery and drug development. These studies require experimental drugs on human and other eukaryotic cells to study their mechanism of action and their safety profile. The rise in demand for multifaceted devices that can be used for all types of cell studies leading to overall cost-effectiveness, is anticipated to drive the total electroporation system during the forecast period.

The protein production segment is expected to hold largest share in this market segment

Protein production through the expression of mammalian cells is a major aspect of the biotechnology industry. Proteins such as erythropoietin and human growth hormones are efficiently utilized to treat cancers, infectious diseases, and autoimmune diseases. Moreover, most autoimmune diseases and cancer are treated by biotherapeutics, where protein is the primary ingredient for the production of biotherapeutics. To achieve this, electroporation is considered the highly preferred process in the delivery of protein to study the expression and development of treatment in the genomic engineering process.

Geographical Analysis

North America region holds the largest market share of global electroporation instruments market

The North American region dominated the global electroporation instruments market, followed by Europe. The rise in prevalence of cancer and autoimmune diseases in North America fueled the transfection technology market. Moreover, biotherapeutic drugs are highly preferred for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases, and an increase in usage of these drugs is estimated to fuel the demand for transfection, as transfection is extensively employed to produce biotherapeutic drugs.

Competitive Landscape

The global electroporation instruments market is highly competitive with presence of global companies.  Some of the key players which are contributing to the growth of the market include BEX Co. Ltd., Celetrix LLC, Merck KGaA, Eppendorf AG, Harvard Bioscience Inc. (BTX), Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Bio-Rad Laboratories, MaxCyte Inc., Lonza Group, and Mirus Bio LLC, Guangzhou Tingmay Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd, ALLFOND INDUSTRIAL LIMITED, Shanghai Apolo Medical Technology Co., Ltd. The major players are adopting several growth strategies such as product launches, acquisitions, and collaborations, which are contributing to the growth of the market globally. For instance, In January 2018, Harvard Biosciences Inc. acquired Data Sciences International, Inc. worth US$ 71.1 Mn, which is a leading global player offering preclinical products, solutions, systems, and services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, CROs, research laboratories, and government research institutes.

Electroporation Instruments Market Key Companies to Watch

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Overview: Bio-Rad, founded in 1952, is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a broad range of innovative products for the life science research and clinical diagnostic markets. With employees, more than 7,800, headquarters Hercules, California, USA. Bio-Rad is among the top five life science companies globally, providing instruments, software, consumables, reagents, and content for cell biology, gene expression, protein purification, protein quantitation, drug discovery and manufacture, food safety, and science education. It is the world leader in clinical quality control products, services, and information systems, ensuring the accuracy and validity of clinical test results.

Product Portfolio: The Company’s portfolio comprised of include life science research and clinical diagnostics.

Product- The Gene Pulser Xcell System is a flexible, modular electroporation system for transfecting every cell type from primary, suspension, and difficult-to-transfect cells, including T cells, to bacteria and fungi.

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