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Apheresis Market Opportunities, Demand, Competitive Analysis and Market Forecast 2023-2030

Published: 2023 September 08
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Global Apheresis Market is segmented By Device (Apheresis Devices, Plasma Separators, Plasma Component Separators, Immunoadsorption Columns, Plasma Perfusion Columns, Hemoperfusion Columns, Apheresis Disposables), By Technology (Centrifugation, Intermittent Flow, Continuous Flow, Membrane Separation), By Procedure (Plasmapheresis, Plateletpheresis, Erythrocytapheresis, Leukapheresis, Others), and By Region (North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Share, Size, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2023-2030


 Apheresis Market Size

Global Apheresis Market reached US$ 1.8 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach US$ 5.0 billion by 2030, growing with a CAGR of 8.4% during the forecast period 2023-2030.


Apheresis is a medical technology medical procedure that involves the separation, extraction, and collection of specific components of a person’s blood. The increased number of launches of the devices and an increase in hematological disorders are expected to drive market growth. 

North America region is expected to hold a significant position in the market share. The plasmapheresis segment holds a significant market share. The increase in technological advancements in the Devices and their advantages are holding the segment in a significant position. 

As per DataM Intelligence, Apheresis Market study analysis offers an in-depth outlook on the market containing quantitative and qualitative data. It gives an outlook and forecast of the global market based on market segmentation.


Apheresis Market Scope





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By Device, By Technology, By Procedure, and By Region

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North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa

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North America

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Competitive Landscape Analysis, Company Profile Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Demand, Recent Developments, Mergers and Acquisitions, New Device Launches, Growth Strategies, Revenue Analysis, Porter’s Analysis, Pricing Analysis, Regulatory Analysis, Supply-Chain Analysis, and Other key Insights.


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Apheresis Market Dynamics

Increased Number of Device Launches is Expected to Drive the Market Growth

An increased number of Device launches are expected to drive the market growth. For instance, on September 20, 2022, Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies (Terumo BCT), a medical technology company, launched its Quantum Flex Cell Expansion System, a bioreactor platform that supports process development through to commercial manufacturing for the cell and gene therapy (CGT) sector. 

Additionally, for instance, on August 1, 2023, Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies launched a Reveos device that processes blood into platelets in a single centrifugation cycle, which has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Thus, an increase in the number of launches is expected to drive the market growth.  

Increase in Hematological Disorders is Expected to Drive Market Growth

An increase in hematological disorders is expected to drive market growth. For instance, according to the CDC, Sickle Cell Disease affects approximately 100,000 Americans. SCD occurs among about 1 out of every 365 Black or African-American births. It occurs among about 1 out of every 16,300 Hispanic-American births. About 1 in 13 Black or African-American babies is born with sickle cell trait (SCT). 

Red blood cell exchange is used to treat or sometimes prevent serious complications of sickle cell disease, such as stroke and acute chest syndrome. In red blood cell exchange, diseased or abnormal red blood cells are removed by apheresis and then replaced by donor red blood cells. Additionally, The American Cancer Society’s estimates for leukemia in the United States for 2023 are about 59,610 new cases of leukemia (all kinds) and 23,710 deaths from leukemia (all kinds),  20,380 new cases of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Leukapheresis involves the removal of a patient's white blood cells from the circulating blood. Thus, the increase in hematological disorders 

High costs Associated with Apheresis are Expected to Hamper the Market Growth

The high cost of these procedures is also a big factor restraining the growth of the market. For instance, the average cost of plasmapheresis ranges between $1,500 and $2,500 per procedure. Various risks are associated with the Apheresis procedure, and the crucial one is blood contamination, which is very common during the procedure.

Other complications with the apheresis can also affect the market growth. The most common apheresis-specific reaction is hypocalcemia due to citrate anticoagulation, which, while usually mild, has the potential to injure the donor severely. Repeated apheresis donation may produce adverse long-term effects in donors, such as bone demineralization and cataract formation. Thus, the above factors are expected to hamper the market growth. 

Apheresis Market Segmentation Analysis

The global apheresis market is segmented based on device, technology, procedure, and region.

Centrifugation Segment Holds a Significant Position in the Market Share

Centrifugal apheresis can be used to remove cellular components and is very efficient, achieving plasma extraction of nearly 80%. One of the benefits of centrifugal apheresis is that it requires lower blood flow rates and, therefore, can be performed using either peripheral or central venous access.

Most apheresis devices use centrifugation and require blood flow rates of 50-120 mL/min. Centrifugation takes advantage of the different specific gravities inherent to various blood products, such as red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), platelets, and plasma. Thus, the advantages and efficiency of the centrfugation in seperating the whole blood components is holding a dominant position in the market share. 

Apheresis Market Geographical Share

North America region holds the largest market share in the global Apheresis market

North America holds a significant share of the global apheresis market. The increase in the number of blood transfusions and the increase in the demand for various blood components are holding the region’s market growth. For instance, according to the American National Red Cross, approximately 29,000 units of red blood cells are needed every day in the U.S., nearly 5,000 units of platelets and 6,500 units of plasma are needed daily in the U.S., and about 16 million blood components are transfused each year in the U.S.

Additionally, according to the American Cancer Society, more than 1.9 million people are expected to be diagnosed with cancer in 2023. Many of them will need blood, sometimes daily, during their chemotherapy treatment. Thus, an increase in the demand for blood transfusions in the region is expected to hold the region in the dominant position. 

Apheresis Market Leaders

The global apheresis market is fragmented, with the presence of many local and international players. Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA, Cerus Corporation, Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd., Haemonetics Corporation, B. Braun, Melsungen, Kaneka Corporation, Terumo BCT, Inc., Kawasumi Laboratories Inc., and Nikkiso Europe GmbH, Baxter. are the leading Companies with a significant market share. 

COVID-19 Impact On Apheresis Market

The COVID-19 epidemic is expected to benefit the development of the global apheresis business. Global healthcare systems were under pressure from the COVID-19 epidemic. Due to COVID-19, patients with severe infections had complications with their coagulation parameters, including platelet count, fibrinogen, D-dimer, prothrombin time (PT), and activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT). As a result, plasma therapy was used extensively as a treatment. Patients who contracted the COVID-19 virus are treated with convalescent plasma (CP).

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What is the Projected CAGR value of the Apheresis Market ?
Apheresis Market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.4% during the forecast period 2023-2030.
Who are the key players in Apheresis Market ?
Major players are Cerus Corporation, Asahi Kasei Medical Co Ltd, Haemonetics Corporation, B. Braun Melsungen, Kaneka Corporation, Terumo BCT Inc, Kawasumi Laboratories Inc, Nikkiso Europe GmbH, and Baxter.
Which region controlled the global market during 2023-2030?
North America region Controls the Apheresis Market during 2023-2030.
What are the driving forces of the global apheresis devices market?
The increasing prevalence of hematological disorders is a factor driving the growth of the market. Hematological disorders are conditions that affect the blood or blood-forming organs.
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