Animal Feed Additives Market, Size, Share, Outlook and Growth Opportunities 2019-2026

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Global Feed Additives Market is segmented by Type (Amino Acids, Phosphates, Vitamins, Acidifiers, Carotenoids, Enzymes, Mycotoxin Detoxifiers, Flavors & Sweeteners, Minerals, Antioxidants), Livestock, Form, Source, and by Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Size, Share, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2019-2026


Market Overview

  • Feed additive is a food supplement for farm animals that provide and include vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and minerals that are not taken from regular meals from farmers.

  • Antioxidant feed additives are extensively used in poultry, cattle, swine, pet, and aquaculture. They protect processed food products from cytotoxin formation.

  • They also protect feed ingredients from oxidation which results in the rancidity of fats and destruction of vitamins A, D and E. Increase in the global demand for livestock is driving the global demand for Antioxidant feed additives.

  • The Global Animal feed additives market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9 % during the forecasting period (2019-2026).

Market Dynamics

  • Growth in the Compound feed industry, lack of essential nutrients in livestock nutrition, shortage of high-quality fodder to the livestock, etc are driving livestock farmers to use feed additives.

  • Global feed production crossed over 1,000 million tons in recent years. The Asia Pacific is leading with the highest production of over 350 million tons in 2016, with the majority contribution from China. The main reasons aiding the growth of the market in this region are

  • Growth in livestock production for meat,

  • Government schemes and subsidies for promoting livestock health and production

  • Increasing demand for animal protein and meat quality

  • Increasing meat product consumption in China, Malaysia, India, and Thailand

  • High-quality livestock production and

  • Efficient network for distribution such as retail stores and supermarkets.

  • Regulatory guidelines regarding a ban on antibiotics and

  • Policy measures to ban the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs)

  • As a result, markets are finding natural replacements like probiotics, antioxidants, and amino acids.

Market Segmentation

  • Based on additives, the market is segmented into the following categories: Antioxidants, Antibiotics, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Flavors and sweeteners, Binders, Prebiotics, Minerals, Pigments, Probiotics, Mycotoxin Detoxifiers, Vitamins, and Acidifiers.

  • Based on end-user, the market consists of the following categories : Ruminant, Swine, Poultry, Aquaculture, and Others.

  • Based on region, Feed Additives market is segmented into North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and RoW.

Market Key Companies

  • The report profiles the following companies: ADDCON GROUP GMBH, Adisseo France S.A.S., Ajinomoto Co., Inc., Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), BASF, Biomin Holdings Gmbh, Cargill, Chr.Hansen, DuPont Danisco Animal Nutrition, DSM, Phibro Animal Health Corporation, Alltech, Novozymes, and Kemin.

Scope of the Report

  • This report covers factors impacting the market, Porter 5 Forces, Market Share Analysis, Price trend analysis, Product Benchmarking, and company profiles.

Characteristics of Vitamin Segment

  • The vitamin product segment comprises of vitamin A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B6, B12, biotin, folic acid, niacin, and Caplan. Vitamin E is the most widely consumed product in this category due to its ability to improve stability, dispersion, compatibility and handling characteristics for feed fortification. However, these Feed additives need to be approved by various food & feed safety agencies like FFDCA, FDA and European Commission etc.

Why should I purchase this report?

  • Visualize composition of the market across each indication, in terms of type and applications, highlighting the key commercial assets and players.

  • Identify commercial opportunities in Feed Additives by analyzing trends and co-development deals.

  • Excel data sheet with thousands of data points of the Feed Additives market level 4/5 segmentation

  • PDF report with the most relevant analysis cogently put together after exhaustive qualitative interviews and in-depth market study.

  • Product mapping in excel for the key Feed Additives products of all major market players

Who is this report for?

  • Raw Material Suppliers/ Buyers

  • Product Suppliers/ Buyers

  • Industry Investors/Investment Bankers

  • Education & Research Institutes

  • Research Professionals

  • Emerging Companies

  • Manufacturers


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Table of Contents

1. Animal Feed Additives Market – Methodology and Scope

1.1. Research methodology

1.2. Scope of the Report

2. Animal Feed Additives Market – Industry Trends

2.1. Headlines

2.2. Key Trends & Developments

3. Animal Feed Additives Market – Outlook

3.1. Industry Impact Factors (Drivers & Restraints)

3.2. Porter 5 Forces

3.3. Animal Feed Production Scenario

3.4. Regulatory Analysis

4. Animal Feed Additives Market Share

5. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – By Antioxidants

5.1. By Additive

5.1.1. BHA

5.1.2. BHT

5.1.3. Ethoxyquin

5.1.4. Others

5.2. By Livestock

5.3. By Region

6. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – Antibiotics

6.1. By Additive

6.1.1. Tetracycline

6.1.2. Penicillin

6.1.3. Others

6.2. By Livestock

6.3. By Region

7. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – Amino Acids

7.1. By Additive

7.1.1. Tryptophan

7.1.2. Lysine

7.1.3. Methionine

7.1.4. Threonine

7.1.5. Others

7.2. By Livestock

7.3 By Region

8. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – Enzymes

8.1. By Additive

8.1.1. Carbohydrases

8.1.2. Phytases

8.1.3. Others

8.2. By Livestock

8.3. By Region

9. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – Flavors and Sweeteners

9.1. By Additive

9.1.1 Flavors

9.1.2 Sweeteners

9.2 By Livestock

9.3 By Region

10. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – Binders

10.1 By Additive

10.1.1 Natural

10.1.2 Synthetic

10.2 By Livestock

10.3 By Region

11. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – Prebiotics

11.1 By Additive

11.1.1 Inulin

11.1.2 Fructo Oligosaccharides

11.1.3 Galacto Oligosaccharides

11.1.4 Others

11.2 By Livestock

11.3 By Region

12. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – Minerals

12.1 By Additive

12.1.1 Micro Minerals

12.1.2 Macro Minerals

12.2 By Livestock

12.3 By Region

13. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – Pigments

13.1 By Additive

13.1.1 Carotenoids

13.1.2 Curcumin and Spirulina

13.1.3 Others

13.2 By Livestock

13.3 By Region

14. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – Probiotics

14.1 By Additive

14.1.1 Lactobacilli

14.1.2 Bifidobacteria

14.1.3 Others

14.2 By Livestock

14.3 By Region

15. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – Mycotoxin Detoxifiers

15.1 By Additive

15.1.1 Binders

15.1.2 Bio-Transformers

15.2 By Livestock

15.3 By Region

16. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – Vitamins

16.1 By Additive

16.1.1 Vitamin A

16.1.2 Vitamin B

16.1.3 Vitamin C

16.1.4 Vitamin E

16.1.5 Others

16.2 By Livestock

16.3 By Region

17. Animal Feed Additives Market Segmentation – Acidifiers

17.1 By Additive

17.1.1 Lactic Acid

17.1.2 Propionic Acid

17.1.3 Fumaric Acid

17.1.4 Others

17.2 By Livestock

17.3 By Region

18. Animal Feed Additives Market – Livestock Analysis

18.1 Feed Additive-livestock Overview (Share of the application/end-user)

18.2 Ruminant

18.3 Swine

18.4 Poultry

18.5 Aquaculture

18.6 Others 

19. Animal Feed Additives Market – Regional, Country-level Analysis

19.1 Feed Additive- Geographic Overview (Share of the regions)

19.2 North America

19.3 South America

19.4 Europe

19.5 Asia-Pacific

19.6 RoW 

20. Animal Feed Additives Market – Competitive Analysis

20.1 Market Share Analysis

20.2 Price Trend Analysis

20.3 Key Strategies adopted by Manufacturers

20.4 Product Benchmarking 

21. Animal Feed Additives Market – Company Profiles


21.2 Adisseo France S.A.S.

21.3 Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

21.4 Archer Daniel Midland (ADM)

21.5 BASF

21.6 Biomin Holdings Gmbh

21.7 Cargill

21.8 Chr.Hansen

21.9 DuPont Danisco Animal Nutrition

21.10 DSM

21.11 Phibro Animal Health Corporation

21.12 Alltech

21.13 Novozymes

21.14 Kemin 

22. Animal Feed Additives Market – Appendix

22.1 Sources

22.2 List of Tables

22.3 Expert Panel Validation

22.4 Disclaimer

22.5 Contact Us

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