Aluminium Market, Size, Share, Outlook and Growth Opportunities 2019-2026

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> Global Aluminium Market Expected to reach a high CAGR of 3.1% By 2026: DataM Intelligence

Global Aluminum Market is segmented by Product(Pure Aluminium, Alloy Aluminium), by Application(Pigments and Powder, Foils, Wires, Sheets and Plates, Rod and Bars, Ingots), by End-User (Transportation, Packaging, Construction, Electrical and Electronics, Consumer Goods, Industrial Equipment and Machinery, Others), and by Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Share, Size, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2019-2026


Aluminum Market overview

Global Aluminium Market Expected to reach a high CAGR of 3.1% By 2026: DataM Intelligence

  • Light, durable and workability: these are the fundamental properties that make aluminum one of the critical engineering materials.
  • Aluminum alloys are the alloys in which aluminum is the predominant metal, and other typical alloying elements include copper, silicon, magnesium, manganese, and zinc among others.

Global Aluminium Market Outlook

  • Aluminum has low density and superior corrosion resistance property which makes it the most desirable metal among the various end-use industries.
  • Along with its low-density property, other properties such as reflectivity and recyclability make it a favorable choice for various industrial applications.
  • In the transportation sector, the lightweight trend is experiencing exponential growth.
  • However there are some challenges to be faced. Improving the quality of output, increasing energy costs, and government regulations are significant challenges for the global aluminum industry.

Global Aluminium Market Segmentation

  • By end-use application, the global aluminum market can be segmented into transportation, packaging, construction, electrical and electronics, consumer goods, industrial equipment, machinery, and others.
  • On the global level, the increase in demand for lightweight vehicles is anticipated to boom the market for aluminum in the transportation industry. Moreover, various environmental regulations enacted by the government and the global emission standards have always been a challenge for OEMs.
  • To tackle this, the OEMs are actively involved in the usage of aluminum components in various parts of the vehicle, thus reducing the overall weight and increasing the fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Global Aluminium Market Geographical Share

  • Based on geography, the global aluminum market can be classified into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.
  • In the Asia Pacific, China accounts for the highest market share owing to rapid industrial development and urbanization. Another key driver for the growth of the aluminum market is the growth of the transportation industry in this region.
  • Few top players active in the Chinese market are Aluminium Corporation of China Limited, China Hongqiao Group Ltd., Xinfa Group Co., among others.
  • The rise in purchasing power in emerging economies such as China and India is leading to substantial demand for vehicles

Aluminium Market Competitive Trends

  • Vital leading players operating in this market include Alcoa Corporation, Aluminium Corporation of China Limited, Rio Tinto, Chalco, United Company RUSAL and Norsk Hydro ASA among others.
  • The players in the market are adopting various business strategies which are not limited to having vast product portfolio, capacity expansion, R&D investments, and extensive distribution network.

Report Highlights

  • The report provides extensive qualitative and quantitative assessment of the present and future trends in the Global aluminum market
  • Focus on the various market dynamics that has an impact on the growth of the market
  • Recent industry trends and developments
  • Key players of the market are profiled, and their current events, product portfolio, and other business strategies are listed
  • An in-depth analysis of the market has been done using techniques such as SWOT, PEST and Value Chain Analysis
  • Heat Map focuses on better understanding of the critical players regarding their product offerings
  • Primary research findings focus on the essential trends of the global aluminum market

Target Audience

  • Industry Investors/Investment Bankers
  • Academia
  • Research Professionals
  • Market-entry Companies
  • OEMs
  • Manufacturers


Table of Contents

1. Aluminium Market – Preface

1.1. List of Figures

1.2. List of Tables

1.3. Abbreviations Used

2. Aluminium Market – Introduction

2.1. Study Scope and Objective

2.2. Market Introduction

3. Aluminium Market – Assumptions and Research Methodology

4. Aluminium Market – Executive Summary

4.1. Global Aluminium Market

5. Aluminium Market – Industry Outlook

5.1. Market Dynamics

5.1.1. Drivers

5.1.2. Restraints

5.1.3. Opportunities

5.2. Key Industrial Developments

5.3. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

5.3.1. Competition Degree

5.3.2. Threat of Substitutes

5.3.3. Threat of New Entrants

5.3.4. Bargaining Power of Suppliers

5.3.5. Bargaining Power of Buyers

5.4. Supply-Demand Scenario

5.5. Value Chain Analysis

5.6. SWOT Analysis

6. Aluminium Market – Product-based Analysis

6.1. Pure Aluminium

6.2. Alloy Aluminium

7. Aluminium Market – Application-based Analysis

7.1. Pigments and Powder

7.2. Foils

7.3 Wires

7.4. Sheets and Plates

7.5. Rod and Bars

7.6. Ingots

8. Aluminium Market – End-User Analytics

8.1. Transportation

8.2. Packaging

8.3. Construction

8.4. Electrical and Electronics

8.5. Consumer Goods

8.6. Industrial Equipment and Machinery

8.7. Others

9. Aluminium Market – Segmentation by Region, Country

9.1. North America

9.1.1. U.S.

9.1.2. Canada

9.2. Europe

9.2.1. Germany

9.2.2. U.K.

9.2.3. France

9.2.4. Spain

9.2.5. Rest of Europe

9.3. Latin America

9.3.1. Mexico

9.3.2. Brazil

9.3.3. Rest of Latin America

9.4 Asia Pacific

9.4.1. China

9.4.2. India

9.4.3. Japan

9.4.4. Rest of Asia Pacific

9.5 Middle East & Africa

9.5.1. GCC

9.5.2. South Africa9.5.3 Rest of Middle East & Africa

10. Aluminium Market – Regional PEST Analysis

11. Aluminium Market – Competitive Landscape

11.1. Company Profiles

11.1.1. Alcoa Corporation

11.1.2. Aluminium Corporation of China Limited

11.1.3. Century Aluminium Company

11.1.4. Rio Tinto

11.1.5. United Company RUSAL

11.1.6. Norsk Hydro ASA

11.1.7. Emirates Global Aluminium

11.1.8. National Aluminium Company Limited

11.1.9. Aluminium Bahrain

11.1.10. Kaiser Aluminium Corporation

11.2. Competitive Benchmarking of Key Companies

11.2.1. Alcoa Corporation

11.2.2. Aluminium Corporation of China Limited

11.3. Heat Map

12. Aluminium Market – Primary Research Insights

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