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Spunbond Market Size, Share, Industry, Forecast and outlook (2023-2030)

Published: 2023 August 01
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Global Spunbond Market is segmented By Product (Disposable, Durable), By Material (Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Polyamide (Nylon), Polylactic Acid, Others), By End-User (Personal Care & Hygiene, Packaging, Medical, Automotive, Agriculture, Textile, Building and Construction, Filtration, Electrical and Electronics, Others), and By Region (North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Share, Size, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2023-2030


Spunbond Market Overview

Spunbond is a nonwoven fabric made from raw material, thermoplastic in nature, such as polyester, polypropylene, etc. The thermoplastic fibre of polymers is forced into fine filament fibre of nearly 15-35 micrometre diameter. The unique technology required in its fabrication allows for equal strength in both machine and cross direction of the fabric. The Asia-Pacific region dominated the global spunbond market and is expected to grow faster in the conjecture timeframe. Competitive rivalry intensifies DuPont, Pegas Nonwovens S.A., Mitsui Chemicals and others operating in the market.


These fabrics are known to offer excellent burst strengths, stability to heat and chemicals, porosity, tensile, and tear strength. Spunbond has gained popularity among various end-users such as medical, agriculture, personal care & hygiene, automotive, and packaging owing to easily molding and properties control of polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene polymers.


Spunbond Market Scope and Summary



Market CAGR


Segments Covered

By Product, By Material, By End-User and By Region

Report Insights Covered

Competitive Landscape Analysis, Company Profile Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Demand, Recent Developments, Mergers and acquisitions, New Product Launches, Growth Strategies, Revenue Analysis, and Other vital insights.

Fastest Growing Region

North America

Largest Market Share 

Asia Pacific


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Spunbond Market Dynamics and Trends

The global spunbond market is driven by rising demand from the personal & hygiene sector due to the increased usage of sanitary napkins, diapers, and other personal care products. Easy manufacturing, rising awareness about disposable products among consumers add value to the spunbond market's growth. Growing demand from the healthcare and food packaging sectors is projected to trigger the product's demand in the forecast period.

Increasing demand from the personal & hygiene sector

The Personal & hygiene sectors hold the largest revenue for the spunbond market in 2019 and are estimated to maintain the coming years' growth momentum. The significant demand for the spunbond in the personal & healthcare sector is due to the burgeoning demand for feminine care products, baby diapers, and adult incontinence products in the last few years. The market is further expected to increase owing to the high birth rate and rising menstrual hygiene.

Companies like PEGAS NONWOVENS Czech s.r.o offer a wide range of products required for hygiene-related purposes such as SMS, BICO, MICRO, and Pegatex. The company develops these products based on customer requirements, such as single-use baby nappies, ladies' hygiene towels, and towels for people suffering from incontinence.

Easy manufacturing and rising awareness about disposable products are increasing demand among consumers.

Spunbond is the second-largest process for the processing of sustainable nonwoven as it is cost-effective. It shows excellent performance is in great demand in various end-user industries such as healthcare, food packaging, and others. Also, awareness of disposable spunbond products among the consumers has escalated its demand in diverse applications as disposable spunbond products offer properties such as one-time-use, lighter weight, more breathable, and excellent tear compared to traditional materials.

In July 2019, Berry Group completely acquired RPC Group PLC for USD 6.5 billion. The duo of berry and RPC creates a leading global provider for value-added protection solutions and is one of the leading plastic packaging companies.

Limited use of the product, price fluctuations, and lack of skilled technicians act as major hurdles for the growth of spunbond in economically stable countries.

Spunbond product's prices vary based on the raw material used for their manufacturing. Change in demand or supply of the raw material directly affect the spunbond manufacturing industries. As crude oil is the major source for these materials and the increase in crude oil price hikes the raw material cost, it directly impacts the spunbond industry. These price fluctuations of raw materials affect the manufacturers' operating margins, making it difficult for them to maintain their growth momentum. Also, most fabrics are for a single-use or can not be cleaned, which imposes various challenges for the consumer to make spunbond products their first choice.


COVID-19 Impact on Spunbond Market

The arrival of coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, and the spunbond industry is facing a mixture of opportunities and challenges, given its application in diverse sectors. Simultaneously, sectors like automobile, construction, and packaging have seen a severe downfall in their business. On the other side, unprecedented demand from the healthcare sector has uplifted the global revenue for the market.

Personal potential equipment has experienced exponential demand in the initial months of the year 2020. Products such as masks, disinfectant wipes, gowns, and antibacterial skin wipes emerged as life-saving products to curb the virus's transmission. The global market of the spunbond industry is expected to grow even further as there is no vaccine or treatment for the coronavirus spread, and outbreaks can be effectively restricted by using PPE kits and N95 masks.

In August 2020, DuPont collaborated with Under Armour to produce over 3.3 million isolation gowns and PPE kits for healthcare workers in the U.S. In July 2020, DuPont collaborated with Home Depot Inc to provide the Tyvek material to kaiser Permanente for producing 2 million face masks and 500,000 isolation gowns for a frontline worker in the U.S.


Spunbond Market Segmentation Analysis

The global spunbond market is segmented on product, material, end-user, and region.

Rising demand from personal care and hygiene industries, lower price, superior strength, and high resistance from chemicals are triggering the polypropylene segment.

The spunbond market is segmented into polypropylene, polyester, polyurethane, polyethylene, polyamide (nylon), polylactic acid, and others based on the material. Among the mentioned segments, polypropylene holds the largest revenue of around 65% of the total spunbond market in 2017 owing to raw material affordability, superior strength, and chemical resistance as compared to its competitors.

Increasing demand from several personal and hygiene industries for baby diapers, adult incontinence products, and sanitary napkins is more likely to escalate polypropylene demand in recent times. The reason behind the significant demand from the end-user is raising menstrual and hygiene awareness among the consumers, a growing percentage of birth rate, and an increasing aged population.

For instance, in November 2019, Mitsui Chemicals Inc collaborated with Kaisei Inc to commercialize bio-polypropylene production. The collaboration aims to reduce GHG emissions and cover a wider spectrum of applications, such as spanning automobile parts to medical care products, housing and food products, and others.


Global Spunbond Market Geographical Analysis

Rising demand for personal & hygiene products, the presence of various key players, and high product demand for the production of automotive interior materials have accelerated the Asia-Pacific spunbond market.

The Asia-Pacific region dominated the global spunbond market and is expected to grow faster in the conjecture timeframe. China particularly holds the largest of spunbond in recent times in the region, majorly due to the large industrial base and rising per capita income. As per UNFPA 2019 data, Asia pacific region covers 60 % of the world's population, covering 48.8% of women and 51.2% of the male population. These rising numbers build the target audience as the demand for hygiene and personal care products are also growing, thus boosting the region's spunbond market in recent times.

Furthermore, China holds half of the share for face masks before the COVID-19 outbreak and stepped out its production capacity by nearly 20 % by manufacturing 115 million masks monthly, thus creating immense opportunities for the spunbond fabric increase in the Asia-Pacific market. On the other hand, North America has shown the largest business in 2019expected to expand even further due to increasing demand for diapers, feminine care products, and adult continence products in the region.


Spunbond Market Companies and Competitive Landscape

The spunbond market is highly segregated with the presence of an extreme number of local and global companies. Some of the key players which are contributing to the growth of the market include DuPont, Pegas Nonwovens S.A., Mitsui Chemicals, Sunshine Nonwoven Fabrics Co. Ltd, Berry Plastics Corporation, Fiberweb (India) Ltd., Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Kolon Industries, Inc, Fitesa S.A, Mada Nonwovens Company Ltd. and among others.

The major players adopt several growth strategies such as expansion, acquisitions, and partnerships contributing to the global spunbond market's growth. Product launch is currently one of the prime strategies followed by various key players to build a bigger market compared to preceding years. For instance,

  • In September 2020, Schouw & Co. invested USD 40 million to construct two production lines of nonwovens in Malaysia and the U.S. These units are expected to start operating from 2021 second half to increase the company's capacity's Fibertx Nonwoven business by up to US$ 10
  • In January 2019, Avgol Nonwovens came up with a range of breathable spunbond nonwovens. The development is done based on the Avgol Forward innovative Thinking. The launched fabric can meet specific markets such as medical, hygiene, and industrial application.

Lenzing AG

Overview: Lenzing is an international firm initially solely focused on fabric production but needed plastic wrappings for its fiber bales, leading to Lenzing plastic's arrival. The plastic division is still active, with sales of 11.7% in 2009. The company produces wood-based viscose fibres, lyocell fibres, modal fibres, and filament yarn, mostly used in the textile industry, home textile and technical textile, and nonwoven industry. TENCEL, LENZING VEOCEL, ECOVERO, and LYOCELL are the most attractive product brands of Lenzing

Product Portfolio: The company has a product portfolio of Lenzing that includes:

VEOCEL: These fibres have become essential for the nonwoven market. They offer top quality regarding liquid absorption, making them an ideal ingredient for sanitary pads and baby care products, face mask cosmetic pads, and different dry and wet wipes.

Key Development:

In June 2018, Lenzing announced the arrival of its new nonwoven fibre VEOCEL. These fibres are biodegradable and are used for hygiene and daily care products, made with Lenzing's botanic

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What is the Projected CAGR value of the Spunbond Market?
Spunbond Market is expected to grow at a high CAGR during the forecast period 2023-2030.
Which region controlled the global market during 2023-2030?
Asia Pacific region Controls the Spunbond Market during 2023-2030.
What are the key drivers of the global spunbond market?
The global spunbond market is driven by a number of factors, including the increasing demand from the personal & hygiene sector, easy manufacturing, and rising awareness about disposable products among consumers.
Who are the key players in Spunbond Market?
Major players are DuPont, Pegas Nonwovens S.A., Mitsui Chemicals, Sunshine Nonwoven Fabrics Co. Ltd, Berry Plastics Corporation, Fiberweb (India) Ltd., Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Kolon Industries, Inc, Fitesa S.A, Mada Nonwovens Company Ltd. and among others.
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