Orthopedic Power Tools Market Size Share and Industry Outlook to 2028

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> Global Orthopedic Power Tools Market Expected to reach a high CAGR of 5.90% By 2028: DataM Intelligence

Global Orthopedic Power Tools Market is segmented by Product Type (Large Bone Power Tools, Small Bone Power Tools, High-Speed Power Tools, Orthopedic reamers), by End Users (Hospitals, Orthopedic clinics, Ambulatory surgical centers and Others), by Technology (Pneumatic Powered, Battery Operated, and Electric Powered), and by Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Share, Size, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2021-2028


Market Overview

The Global "Orthopedic Power Tools Market" is expected to grow at a high CAGR of 5.90% during the forecasting period (2021-2028).

  • Orthopedic power tools are used by the orthopedic surgeons during orthopedic surgeries to cut, shape, drill, ream, dissection, etc., orthopedic surgeons use these tools to insert implants into the bones during orthopedic injuries. These tools are used to treat trauma, spine diseases, sports injuries, and many others.

Market Drivers

  • Significant factors for the growth of global orthopedic power tools market is the increase in the number of orthopedic surgeries which are mostly by osteoporosis and orthopedic injuries and all other recent developments in the technology.

  • In 2014, According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, 200 million people had osteoporosis globally.

  • Osteoporosis and orthopedic surgeries are expected to raise the demand for orthopedic power tools over the forecast period.

  • In 2011, according to Becker’s Ambulatory Surgical Centre Review, in 2011, around 5.3 million orthopedic surgeries were performed, and the number was projected to reach 6.6 million by 2020.

  • According to AJRR (American Joint replacement registry), there were around 4lakh cumulative surgical procedures increase between 2012 and 2016.

  • Annually around 7lakh replacement surgeries are performed in the US; this count is estimated to increase to around 3millions by 2030, whereas coming to the case of hip replacement surgeries from 2010 to 2015 the number was increased from 3lakhs to 6lakhs in approximation.

Market Restraints

  • According to Epidemiology of Surgical Site Infection, it was estimated that one out of 24 patients undergoing inpatient surgery in the U.S. suffer from post-operative surgical site infection.

  • Moreover, according to the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council, increase in tax by 2.3% has led 43.5% of medical devices manufacturers to adjust their operations through a reduction in R&D investments, lowering production costs, and reducing employee headcount.

Market Segmentation

By Product type

  • Large bone power tools are the most profitable product in global orthopedic power tools market which is followed by high-speed power tools.

  • These power tools find large applications in trauma-related surgeries, and knee & hip reconstruction surgeries.

  • Because it takes advantage of innovative motor technology which offers minor vibration and better control.

By Technology

  • Battery-operated followed by pneumatic orthopedic tools occupies the significant market share because battery-operated orthopedic power tools are most commonly used in orthopedic surgeries because these are more durable, easily serviceable, and 70 to 75 times cheaper than the other orthopedic power tools and Pneumatic-powered tools are easy to handle as they are small, vibration-free, and light in weight.

By Geography

  • North America accounts for the most significant revenue share in Global orthopedic power tools market due to the availability of orthopedic surgical centers on large scale.

  • For instance, in 2016, according to the National Health Expenditure Accounts, annual expenditure by US orthopedic healthcare was increased by 4%.

  • For instance, according to WHO in 2016 over 7 million Americans required hospitalization due to orthopedic issues.

  • For instance, Zimmer the Company which involves in the manufacturing of orthopedic tools related to dental implants, spinal and trauma-related device products. In 2015, the company announced revenue of USD 4.67 billion.

Competitive Trends

  • Some of the key players in the global orthopedic power tools market are ConMed Corporation, Zimmer, Medtronic, Stryker Inc., and others.

  • In May 2018 DePuy Synthes announced the acquisition of Orthodoxy, a privately-held developer of software-enabled surgery for total and partial knee replacement.

  • In March 2017, Stryker Corporation launched various instruments under the brand name System 8 orthopedic power tool, which includes System 8 SABO sagittal saw and System 8 cordless drivers these devices are more efficient and accurate.

  • In 2016, Stryker has offered various orthopedic power tools which include System 7 massive bone power tool, System 7 precision saw, System 6 massive bone power tool, RemB small bone power tool, core small bone power tool, and CORE Console small bone power tool.

  • In 2015, Medtronic launched Midas Rex MR7 high-speed pneumatic drills, Midas Rex Legend EHS stylus high-speed surgical drill, and Midas REX Spine shaver nucleus removal set.

Target audience

  • Raw Material Suppliers/ Buyers

  • Product Suppliers/ Buyers

  • Industry Investors/Investment Bankers

  • Education & Research Institutes

  • Research Professionals

  • Emerging Companies

  • Manufacturer

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Table of Contents

1. Orthopedic Power Tools Market – Methodology and Scope

1.1. Research Methodology

1.2. Scope of the market

2. Orthopedic Power Tools Market – Industry Trends

3. Orthopedic Power Tools Market Outlook

3.1. Drivers

3.2. Restraints

3.3. Opportunity

3.4. Regulation

3.5. Reimbursement policies

3.6. Technological Advancements

3.7. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

4. Orthopedic Power Tools Market – Segmentation Analysis

4.1. By Product Type

4.1.1. Large bone orthopedic power tools

4.1.2. Small bone orthopedic power tools

4.1.3. High speed orthopedic power tools

4.1.4. Orthopedic reamers

4.2. By End Users

4.2.1. Hospitals

4.2.2. Orthopedic clinics

4.2.3. Ambulatory surgical centers

4.2.4 Others

4.3. By Technology

4.3.1. Pneumatic powered systems

4.3.2. Battery-operated systems

4.3.3. Electric powered systems 

5. Orthopedic Power Tools Market – Regional, Country-level Analysis

5.1. Geographic Overview

5.2. North America

5.2.1. U.S.

5.2.2. Mexico

5.2.3. Canada

5.3. Europe

5.3.1. Germany

5.3.2. U.K.

5.3.3. France

5.3.4. Italy

5.3.5. Spain

5.3.6. Rest of Europe

5.4. South America

5.4.1. Brazil

5.4.2. Argentina

5.4.3. Rest of South America

5.5. Asia Pacific

5.5.1. China

5.5.2. India

5.5.3. Japan

5.5.4. Australia

5.5.5 South Korea

5.5.6. Rest of Asia Pacific

5.6. Rest of World

6. Orthopedic Power Tools Market – Competitive Analysis

6.1. Competitive Scenario

6.2. Heat Map Analysis

6.3. Product Benchmarking 

7. Orthopedic Power Tools Market – Company Profiles

7.1.  ConMed Corporation

7.2. Medtronic

7.3. Stryker Inc.

7.4. Zimmer Biomet

7.5. DePuy Synthes

7.6. Misonix Inc.

7.7. Aesculap

7.8 MedicMicro

7.9 B.Braun

7.10 Brasseler USA

8. Orthopedic Power Tools Market – Key companies to watch

9. Orthopedic Power Tools Market – Emerging Companies 

10. Orthopedic Power Tools Market – Appendix

10.1. Sources

10.2. List of Tables

10.3. Expert Panel Validation

10.4. Disclaimer

10.5. Contact Us

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