India Automotive Testing Market, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Insight and Industry Forecast, 2021-2028

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> India Automotive Testing Market Expected to reach a high CAGR By 2028: DataM Intelligence

India Automotive Testing Market is segmented By Type (Autonomous and Connected Vehicles, Automotive Fluids, Electrical Components and Electronics, Electro Mobility / Electric Vehicles, Materials and Components - Composites, Plastics and Metals, Engine and Gears, Environmental Testing, System Testing, Others), By Product Type (Engine Dynamo Meter, Wheel Alignment Tester, Chassis Dynamo Meter, Vehicle Emission Tester), By Vertical (Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle), and By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Share, Size, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2021-2028


Market Overview

India Automotive Test Equipment Market is expected to grow at a CAGR during the forecasting period (2021-2028).


Why Purchase the Report?

  • The report provides an extensive qualitative and quantitative assessment of the present and future automotive testing market trends.
  • Focus on the various external and internal factors that have an impact on the growth of the market.
  • The market size of the automotive foams market regarding volume and value.
  • Recent industry trends, developments, and automotive testing market share analysis.
  • Key players in the market are profiled, and their recent developments, product portfolio, and other business strategies are listed.
  • Primary research findings focus on the key trends and opportunities in the global automotive testing market.
  • Expert opinions are presented in the report that can be directly used by the readers to make future decisions for business operations.
  • The prevalence of critical players active in the automotive testing market.

Target Audience:-

  • Manufacturers of automotive testing equipment
  • Dealers and distributors of automotive testing equipment
  • OEMs
  • Industry associations
  • Investment Firms
  • Research and Academia

Table of Contents

  1. India Automotive Testing Market Methodology and Scope

    1. Research methodology
    2. Scope of the Report
  2. India Automotive Testing Market Definition and Overview

  3. India Automotive Testing Market – Executive Summary

    1. Market Snippet by Type
    2. Market Snippet by Product Type
    3. Market Snippet by Vertical
    4. Market Snippet by Region
  4. India Automotive Testing Market – Market Dynamics

    1. Market Impacting Factors
      1. Drivers
      2. Restraints
      3. Opportunity
      4. Key Technological Developments in Automotive Testing Market
      5. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
        1. Competition Degree
        2. Threat of Substitutes
        3. Threat of New Entrants
        4. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
        5. Bargaining Power of Buyers
      6. Value Chain Analysis
  5. India Automotive Testing Market – By Type
    1. Introduction
      1. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Type
      2. Market Attractiveness Index, By Type
    2. Autonomous and Connected Vehicles*
      1. Introduction
      2. Market Size Analysis, US$ Million, 2019-2027 and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), 2020-2027
        1. Dedicated short range communications (DSRC) testing & certification
        2. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) testing
        3. Track and On-Road Fleet Testing
        4. Functional Safety
        5. Full Vehicle Homologation Services
        6. Others
    3. Automotive Fluids
      1. Dust Separation Test
      2. Lubricants & Fuel Systems
      3. Testing Fuels / Oils - Engines and Laboratories
      4. Others
    4. Electrical Components and Electronics
      1. Accredited EMC Test
      2. Battery Test
      3. Buzz Squeaking and Rattle (BSR)
      4. Durability Testing
      5. Electrical and EMC Testing for Automotive Components
      6. Environmental Testing
      7. Fault Check (FMVT)
      8. Noise Measurements (Sones, dB)
      9. Durability Test / Life Cycle
      10. Altitude Simulation
      11. Measuring Technology
      12. Automotive Headlamps & Luminaire Testing
      13. Protection Against Intrusion/Penetration (IP)
      14. Telematics & Wireless Testing
      15. Vibration Testing & Analysis
      16. Others
    5. Electro Mobility / Electric Vehicles
      1. Automotive Battery and Electric Vehicle Testing
      2. Electrical Vehicle Component Testing
      3. Services in the Field of Electro Mobility
      4. Electric Mobility
      5. Charging Infrastructure
      6. Interoperability Studies
      7. Environmental Performance
      8. Battery Safety Testing
      9. Others
    6. Materials and Components - Composites, Plastics and Metals
      1. Automotive Materials Weathering Testing
      2. Chemical Testing and Analysis
      3. Permanent function test
      4. Others
      5. Final product inspection of automotive components
      6. Polymers & Plastics
      7. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Services
      8. Quality control
      9. Automotive Materials Testing
      10. Environmental exposure (-45 ° C to 177 ° C)
      11. Automotive Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing
      12. Others
    7. Engine and Gears
      1. Engine Research, Development and Emissions
      2. Noise measurements (Sones, dB)
      3. Gear Test
      4. Engine Endurance and Durability Testing
      5. Automotive Internal Engine Tests
      6. RDE / PEMS Test
      7. Dust Separation Process
      8. Others
    8. Environmental Testing
      1. Thermal Shock / Mechanical Shock
      2. Vibration Testing
      3. Dust, Fog, Salt Spray, UV
      4. Others
    9. System Testing
      1. Field Performance Data Collection and Analysis
      2. Driveline Test (Including Hybrids and eMotors)
      3. Fleet Testing Services
      4. Dust-Settling Method
      5. Others
    10. Others
  6. India Automotive Testing Market – By Product Type

    1. Introduction
      1. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Product Type
      2. Market Attractiveness Index, By Product Type
    2. Engine Dynamo Meter*
      1. Introduction
      2. Market Size Analysis, US$ Million, 2019-2027 and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), 2020-2027
    3. Wheel Alignment Tester
    4. Chassis Dynamo Meter
    5. Vehicle Emission Tester
  7. India Automotive Testing Market – By Vertical

    1. Introduction
      1. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Vertical
      2. Market Attractiveness Index, By Vertical
    2. Passenger Vehicle*
      1. Introduction
      2. Market Size Analysis, US$ Million, 2019-2027 and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), 2020-2027
      3. Passenger Car
      4. Recreational Vehicle
      5. Electric Vehicle
      6. Others
    3. Commercial Vehicle
      1. Light Commercial Vehicle
      2. Heavy Commercial Vehicle
  8. India Automotive Testing Market – Competitive Landscape

    1. Competition Matrix
    2. Heat Map
  9. India Automotive Testing Market – Company Profiles

    1. Automotive Test Systems*
      1. Company Overview
      2. Product Portfolio and Description
      3. Key Highlights
      4. Financial Overview
    2. Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI)
    3. National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP)
    4. iCAT
    5. Global Automotive Research Centre
    6. SGS SA
    7. DEKRA
    8. AVL
    9. Sigma Test & Research Centre
    10. Embitel (LIST NOT EXHAUSTIVE)
  10. India Automotive Testing Market – DataM

    1. Appendix
    2. About Us and Services
    3. Contact Us
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