High Temperature Insulation Market Size, Competitive Landscape and Market Forecast - 2029

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> Global High Temperature Insulation Market Expected to reach a high CAGR of 5.5% By 2029: DataM Intelligence

Global High Temperature Insulation Market is segmented By Type (Polycrystalline Fiber, Fiberglass, CMS Wool, Super Wool, Mica, Ceramic fiber, Insulating Firebricks, Others), By Application (Industrial Equipment, Insulation, Others), By Temperature (Less than 500C, 500 to 1000C, 1000 to 1500C, More than 1500C), By End-User (Construction, Transportation, Aerospace, Power Generation, Electrical & Electronics, Petrochemicals, Industrial, Others), and By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Share, Size, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2022-2029


Market Overview

The "Global High Temperature Insulation Market" is predicted to reach at a high CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period (2022-2029).

High temperature insulation is an insulating material that shields from extremely high temperatures and is used in manufacturing, electrical appliances, cars and tooling, amongst other things. Many businesses rely on high temperature insulation to carry out essential processes, manufacture products and components and secure optimum performance.

High temperature insulation is essential in various manufacturing applications such as continuous processing, where operating temperatures need to be controlled to obtain the best efficiency and consistency and foundry & steel. Effective thermal insulation can further increase the equipment's life and implement additional equipment safety measures.

 Different materials, including fiberglass, CMS wool, super wool, mica, ceramic fiber and insulating firebricks, are available in the market. Thermal insulation materials come in different forms, too. Choices include coated fabrics, boards, blocks, flexible sheets and foams.


Source: DataM Intelligence Analysis (2021)

Market Dynamics

The rising adoption drives the global high temperature insulation market growth in the aerospace industry for satisfying fireproofing regulations.

Rising adoption in the aerospace industry for satisfying fireproofing regulations

The demand for high temperature insulation has been steadily growing in the aerospace industry. In industries such as aerospace, the equipment is exposed to intense temperatures due to external factors (intentional or accidental), which creates the need for the right thermal insulation to ensure passenger's safety and protect vital instruments.

Insulation is vital for limiting the transfer of heat and reducing the energy needed to raise temperatures. According to FAA fireproofing regulations, commercial engine cowlings must be able to withstand a fuel-fed flame of 2000°F for fifteen minutes without flame penetration. There are two approved spray-on coatings to satisfy the requirement, MA-25 S and 64-C1-2.

Many in the industry have been conscious of reverser core failures in heat-induced degradation going unseen under spray-on coatings. Hence, the utilization of high temperature insulation presents removable reverser insulation blankets for CF6-50, CF6-6 and CF6-80 engine series. The insulation prevents a burn through and backside ignition for at least fifteen minutes. Each insulation blanket acts as a fireproof barrier following FAR 25.1191. The material also satisfies and complies with the criteria and requirements described in Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular AC 20-135.

Side effects associated with the use of materials

The side effects associated with the use of the materials can hinder the growth of the high temperature insulation market. The utilization of insulating materials in buildings has helped in energy conservation but has also conceived the risks of fire and health. For example, some insulating materials can add to the spread of a fire, while others create toxic gases. The insulation in the walls of a room can alter the pace of the increase of a fire. Insulation will decrease heat transfer to other areas, thereby increasing the temperature in the fire room.

Higher temperatures in the fire room will stimulate the burning of materials, increasing the heat released into the room. Insulation may also influence the execution of heat-producing devices, such as cables, electrical wires and electrical fixtures. Insulation installed around the heat-producing device can overheat the device and can ignite combustible materials in contact with it.

Covid-19 Impact Analysis

Due to the pandemic, the high temperature insulation industry has seen a notable impact from some of its end-users. The majority of the demand for high-temperature insulation was incorporated from construction, electrical & electronics, petrochemicals and other industries. The levels of activities in numerous industries, such as building & construction, aerospace were low and project schedules were postponed.

Furthermore, many raw material manufacturers and insulating material companies continued to work with regulatory guidelines. Due to interruptions, end-users began postponing non-essential purchases and disengaged from the consuming processes by lessening their insulating materials demand. For instance, during the pandemic, UK construction industry has faced a loss of $US 413 million (£301.5 million) per day. Hence, the outbreak has adversely impacted these industries, resulting in a downfall in demand for the high temperature insulation foam market.

However, the market demand has been stable in other end-user industries, including petrochemicals, electrical & electronics, power generation, and others. The market is expected to boom after the pandemic, with sectors aiming to work with higher production rates to recover from the incorporated losses.

Segment Analysis

By type, the high temperature insulation market is segmented into the polycrystalline fiber, fiberglass, CMS Wool, super wool, mica, ceramic fiber, insulating firebricks.

Mica high temperature insulation market is expected to grow because of its excellent thermal and electrical properties

Mica is expected to hold a significant share in the high-temperature insulation market in the forecast period. Mica is a naturally occurring mineral with excellent thermal and electrical properties. Mica composite laminates are available in roll, sheet or tube form, with sheet and roll being the most prevalent in applications such as furnaces. It works in very thin sheets, which are highly flexible and can be cut, stamped and shaped into various forms. Pure phlogopite mica can resist temperatures of up to 1000C. Mica is often composited with additional materials like mineral wool or ceramic fibers to improve its thermal and physical properties.

In its rigid form, mica is perfect for product designing and manufacturing various consumer appliances. The mineral offers high insulation in consumer appliances due to its exceptional thermal and dielectric insulating capabilities that withstand the needs of high-temperature applications. Several consumer appliances can only work if they reach high temperatures without risk to their safety or ability to function reliably. It is extensively employed as an insulator for hairdryers, microwaves, space heaters, ovens, capacitors and other consumer appliances. The mineral has versatile applications in consumer appliances because of its physical, chemical, electrical, thermal and mechanical properties.


Source: DataM Intelligence Analysis (2021)

Geographical Analysis

Asia-Pacific region holds the largest share due to huge demand for high temperature insulation materials in the expanding industries

Asia-Pacific region holds the largest market share for the high temperature insulation market globally and is expected to continue its dominance in the forecast period. The region has a huge demand for materials that can withstand a temperature range of 500º to 2000º F for numerous applications including, laboratory ovens, boiler lining, reformers, turbine insulations, fire protection, high-temperature gaskets, expansion joints and industrial equipment. China has one of the leading manufacturing sectors in the region, which needs high-temperature insulation materials in numerous fields, including electrical & electronics.

The booming construction industry in the region has been one of the major reasons for booming market growth. Some of the major sectors incorporating the majority of the demand include transportation, aerospace, power generation, electrical & electronics, petrochemical and industrial.

Various leading companies have been focusing on expanding the production capacity of high-temperature insulation materials to cater to the need of the industries. For instance, in 2020-Rockwool Group acquired Chinese stone wool manufacturer Yangzhou KEWO Energy Conservation New Materials Co., Ltd. The company has current production capacity totals of approx. Fifty thousand tons/year and the acquisition will significantly extend the company's production capacity further strengthen the Group's sustained development in the Chinese market.


Source: DataM Intelligence Analysis (2021)

Competitive Landscape

The high temperature insulation market is highly competitive with the high availability of waw materials in the major countries globally. The local players are expanding their presence in their respective countries. However, global companies have a major share in the market growth. The players are adopting various new strategies to dominate the market, such as launching new products, investing in R&D, acquisitions and collaborations, contributing to the growth of the high temperature insulation market globally.

Some of the key players contributing market's growth are Morgan Advanced Materials plc, 3M, ADL Insulflex, Inc., Dyson Group, Armacell, Hi-Temp Insulation, Inc., Insulcon Group, Isolite Insulating Products Company Ltd., Pacor, Inc., Promat International NV, Pyrotek, Thermal Ceramics, Skamol A/S and others.


Overview: Armacell is a manufacturer of industrial foams and flexible insulation materials based in Luxembourg. It has over 3,1500 employees and serves in over 100 countries

Product Portfolio: The Company offers numerous products including ArmaFlex Pro, ArmaFlex Shield CX, ArmaFlex Class 0, HT/ArmaFlex , ArmaFlex Class 1, NH/ArmaFlex and AP/ArmaFlex.

Key Development: In 2018, Armacell has released ArmaGel HT, a flexible aerogel blanket for high-temperature applications, made in South Korea within Armacell's existing Cheonan facility. The product is optimized for high-temperature applications up to 650 degrees celsius.

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