Published: 2023 May 10

Motion Sensors Market Trends, Volume - Industry Analysis, And Outlook 2023 - 2030.

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Global Motion Sensors Market is segmented By Motion Technology (Infrared, Ultrasonic, Microwave, Dual technology, Tomographic, Others), By Application (Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace and Defence, Healthcare, Industrial, Others), and By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Share, Size, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2023-2030.


Motion Sensors Market OutLook

A report by DataM Intelligence estimates the global Motion Sensors market to grow at a high CAGR Of 10% during the forecast period 2023- 2030. Motion sensors are now widely used in commercial as well as residential electronics such as energy efficiency security, automated lighting, and home automation, smart wearables, among others. The competitive rivalry intensifies with Bosch, Honeywell International., Sony Corp, and others operating in the market.

Factors such as rising demand for consumer electronics from developing countries and rising adoption of wearables are expected to fuel growth in the global motion sensor market.The report covers all the major trends and drivers playing a key role in the growth of the Motion Sensors market. Motion Sensors, also known as a motion detector, is an electronic device that intercepts physical or kinetic movements in real-time. Some of the commonly used motion-sensing technologies include passive infrared, ultrasound wave, microwave, and tomography. These sensors are generally embedded in home control systems, lighting control systems, physical security systems, and fare collection systems.

Motion Sensors Market Summary



Market CAGR


Segments Covered

By Motion Technology, By Application, and By Region

Report Insights Covered

Competitive Landscape Analysis, Company Profile Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Demand, Recent Developments, Mergers and acquisitions, New Product Launches, Growth Strategies, Revenue Analysis, and Other key insights.

Fastest Growing Region

Asia Pacific

Largest Market Share 

North America


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Motion Sensors Industry Trends

The global Motion Sensors market growth is driven by a huge demand for consumer electronics applications and increasing expenditure and investment in the automotive and aviation sectors worldwide. Growing adoption of motion sensors in the automotive sector for airbag deployment systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) coupled with the increasing automotive industry globally, is expected to drive the global motion sensors market during the forecast period. Further, technological innovation and new products will further propel the global market. For instance, In January 2019, TDK InvenSense launched a new line of automotive high-accuracy devices that improves navigation through tunnels, parking garages, and high-temperature environments.

Motion sensors are also being used in Electric vehicles and a rise in demand for vehicles running on alternative fuels such as EVs coupled with the introduction of regulations pertaining to reducing carbon footprint and global warming will fuel the sale of EVs during the forecast period.  According to International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2017, more than one Billion EVs were sold globally, with countries like Norway, China, and the US dominating the global EVs market in terms of market share.

However, high capital requirements, low return on investment, and a growing level of integration can hinder the market growth during the forecast period.

Motion Sensors Market Segmentation Analysis

By Motion Technology, the global Motion Sensors Market is segmented into Infrared, Ultrasonic, Microwave, Dual Technology, Tomographic, and Others. In 2018, infrared motion technology accounted for the majority share in the global market. The increasing adoption of infrared motion technology-based sensors in devices to be used in security and surveillance areas. The critical data provided by motion sensors help in enhancing the performance, safety, comfort, and convenience features. Motion sensors or detectors are one of the important components of security systems used for businesses and residential purposes, as well as in consumer electronics and gaming industries. In addition, the robustness of these sensors and high calibration are the factors attracting different applications in aerospace & defense. Also, the high motion detection range of these sensors make it reliable for consumer electronics, healthcare, and industrial applications.

By application, the global Motion Sensors Market is segmented into Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare,  Industrial, and others. Motion Sensors Market for consumer electronics is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. This growth can be attributed to the rising popularity of wearable technology, growing usage of gyroscopes for high stability, image stabilization, and navigation in the consumer electronics industry, and increasing demand in smartphones and tablets, and the rising interactive gaming market.

Motion Sensors Market Geographical Share

By geography, the global Motion Sensors Market is segmented into North America, Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

In 2018, North America and Europe together accounted for a two-third share in the global Motion Sensors market. However, APAC is expected is to witness a tremendous growth rate of 12%-13% over the forecast period, mainly due to the rising market for wearable devices and consumer electronics, mainly due to increasing disposable income and rising awareness about smart home appliances and home automation.

In addition, the growing trends of automation, surging expenditure in defense, and increasing demand for motion sensors from emerging economies such as Brazil, India, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam; will further fuel growth in the global motion sensors market.

In North America, growing industrial and home automation; emerging applications, such as augmented and virtual reality and IoT; and huge defense expenditure by the US government are the major factors driving this market.

Motion Sensors Company and Competitive Landscape

Global Motion Sensors Market is fragmented with the presence of global and regional players in the market. Creating consumer awareness by aggressive marketing strategies and greater visibility of products across retail space are other steps taken by market participants to generate demand.

Intense rivalry among top players in the market has started the fierce competition at various levels for setting a low price, driving aggressive marketing strategies, and new and innovative product launches.

Some major players in the market are Honeywell International, Bosch, Sony Corp, Synaptics, and STMicroelectronics. Other prominent players in the market include Texas Instruments, DK InvenSense, TE Connectivity, IFM Electronic, and Sensata Technologies.

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What is the Motion Sensors Market growth?
The market is growing at a CAGR of 10%.
Which region is expected is to growth over the forecast period?
APAC is expected is to witness a tremendous growth rate of 12%-13% over the forecast period.
Which factor is expected to rise growth in the global motion sensor market.
The rising adoption of wearables is expected to rise growth in the global motion sensor market.
Who are the Key players contributing to the market's growth?
The Key Players are Bosch, Honeywell International, Sony Corp, Synaptics, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, DK InvenSense, TE Connectivity, IFM Electronic, Sensata Technologies.
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