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COvid-19 impact on Agriculture Industry Size, Share, Industry, Forecast and outlook (2023-2030)

Published: 2020 April 06
SKU : AG2335
180 pages
Report Summary

COvid-19 effect on Agriculture Industry

DataM provides an the most updated and recent executive summary/outlook on COvid-19 effetc on Agriculture Industry summarising on current and futuristic scenario on global and at regional, with comparisons for actuals without COvid- 19 in the year 2020. The summary will emphasise on the below aspects

  • Covid-19 long-term and short-term Impact on the production of non-food-related agriculture such as Cotton, oil seeds, fibre crops, sugarcane and others.
  • Virus expected to disrupt agricultural food supply (rice, wheat, fruits & vegetables)?
  • Impact of virus on the import and export of agricultural products?
  • Demand for cold-storages for agricultural products?
  • Effect of Covid-19 on the production, processing and export of seeds
  • Impact of virus over the relationship between the agricultural producers and seed processors
  • Government initiatives and policies to handle the agricultural produce during COVID-19 period?
  • Impact of Covid-19 over the prices of agricultural products.
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