Animal Feed Testing Market

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>Animal Feed Testing Market Expected to reach a high CAGR of 6% by 2029:

Animal Feed Testing Market is segmented By Type (Antibiotics Testing, Pathogen Testing, Metal, and Mineral Testing, Mycotoxin Testing, Fats and Oils Testing, Nutritional Labelling, Proximate Analysis, Others), By Technology (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionization Detector, Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer, Others), By Feed Type (Livestock and Cattle Feed, Aquaculture Feed, Pet Food, Poultry Feed, Swine Feed, Others), By End User (Feed Manufacturers, Animal Growers, Contract Testing and Certification Bodies), and By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) – Share, Size, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2022-2029.

Animal Feed Testing Market is predicted to reach a high CAGR of 6% during the forecast period (2022-2029).

Animal Feed Testing Market



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By Type, By Technology, By Feed Type, By End User, and By Region

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Competitive Landscape Analysis, Company Profile Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Demand, Recent Developments, Mergers and acquisitions, New Product Launches, Growth Strategies, Revenue Analysis, and Other key insights.

Fastest Growing Region

Asia Pacific

Largest Market Share 

North America

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Animal feed testing is a practice of testing and analysis of animal feed and includes inspection of nutritional level, contamination, and overall quality of the product. Feed testing is intended for providing a picture of factors such as the safety of ingredients, metal and mineral traces, fats and oil content, and nutritional benefits as per product labeling.

Animal Feed Testing Market Dynamics:

The economic benefits provided for farm growers provided by quality testing of animal feed is the primary factor for the growth of the global animal feed testing market. Inspection and testing of feed and feed ingredients improve feed efficiency and help enhance the quality of meat and milk production, thus providing a financial boost to the farmers. The animal feed production industry is surging with growing activities of animal rearing for dairy, egg, and meat products globally. The 2021 Alltech Global Feed Survey estimates that international feed tonnage increased by 1%, to 1,187.7 million metric tons (MMT) of feed produced last year

Feed testing evolved as an integral part of livestock and meat growing sectors owing to the stringent regulations posted on the quality of dairy and meat products in the international markets. The quality of meat and the overall health of an animal are highly dependent on the feed. Thus, poultry farmers, swine, aqua, and other meat animal producers are focusing on feed testing practices. For instance, The Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Amendment Regulation 2020 in India states that “Milk and meat-producing animals except poultry and fish shall not be fed with feed containing meat or bone meal including internal organs, blood meal and tissues of bovine or porcine origin materials except milk and milk products. Commercial feeds shall comply with the relevant BIS standards, as may be specified by the Food Authority from time to time, and carry a BIS certification mark on the label of the product.

Covid-19 Impact Analysis:

While the global trade came to halt during the lockdowns imposed to control the spread of novel coronavirus, the food industry has been impacted by severe freight challenges. The sales of meat and dairy declined in the food industry, particularly in foodservice and HoReCas. This weakened business in global food industry imposed a negative impact on the feed testing market. Livestock producers struggled with an oversupply situation in the initial phase of the pandemic which resulted in cost cuttings. According to Dipak Roda, vice president of market & business development and Enzyme Innovation, while there is net growth in feed production, it is lower than the growth forecast before the pandemic. Supply chain slowdowns in both meat and feed, as well as lower consumption of meat and meat-based products, reduced the consumption of feed. As such, it has resulted in a slowdown in the overall demand and production of feed. However, the market is expected to return to normal once the pandemic ends. The real challenge then is to meet the suddenly rising demand.

Animal Feed Testing Market Segmentation:

Feed safety testing evolved as the lucrative growth segment of the global animal feed testing market owing to the regulatory guidelines on animal-derived food safety. Animal growers are highly focused on testing contaminant traces in the feed. Several global testing laboratories are offering services such as pathogen testing, metal testing, and chemical traces (pesticide, fertilizer, antibiotics, and other drugs). Pathogen testing is a lucrative opportunity owing to the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act which mandates pathogen testing in feed. By feed type, according to Alltech global feed survey, poultry leads the feed market with 28% market share followed by pigs, 24%; layers, 14%; dairy, 11%; beef, 10%; other species, 7%; aquaculture, 4%; and pets, 2%.

Animal Feed Testing Market Geographical Penetration:

By geography, the North American region is dominating in the market with a share of nearly 35% of the global revenue in 2018. The high food safety concerns among consumers and guidelines of feed control bodies in the U.S. are promoting the adoption of animal feed testing services in this region. The U.S. is one of the largest consumers and producers of animal feed in the world with an annual production of 215.7 MMT in 2020 with a 1% increase over 2019. Although not the largest, which is China at 240 MMT in 2020 with a 5% increase, the rules regarding feed safety are stricter in the U.S., which makes it the largest in the feed testing market. FSMA had been implemented in 2011, which impacts all involved in the manufacturing of feed and pet food, from ingredient processors to animal food manufacturers to feed and ingredient importers to the transportation industry. Along with U.S. and China, Brazil (77.6 MMT, +10%), India (39.3 MMT, -5%), Mexico (37.9 MMT, +4%), Spain (34.8 MMT, 0%), Russia (31.3 MMT, +3%), Japan (25.2 MMT, 0%), Germany (24.9 MMT, 0%) and Argentina (22.5, +7%) make the top 10 countries in the feed production. Altogether, these countries account for 63% of the world’s feed production.

Global Animal Feed Testing Market Value Share (%), By Geography, 2020

Animal Feed Testing Market Competitive Landscape:

The global animal feed testing market is highly competitive in terms of service differentiation, time, cost, and quality of testing. Several global testing laboratories are expanding towards feed testing to tap the growth potential. The market is consolidated with the top 10 companies accounting for over 60% of global revenue. Intertek Group plc, SGS S.A., Eurofins Scientific, and Waters Corporation are dominating the global feed testing market. The entry of new companies dedicated to feeding testing with innovative testing solutions is likely too intense for the competition in the market. For instance, Start-up, Omniolytics, has turned to IBM to help transform poultry farming through digital platforms that use sensors and IBM Watson running in the IBM Cloud. The local poultry industry today has several challenges ranging from the quality and origins of feeds, high feed prices, and the recurrence of avian influenza and disease outbreaks such as listeriosis and salmonellosis, which Omniolytics is trying to find a solution to, using IoT, with the support IBM.

Intertek Group plc:

Intertek Group plc is a British multinational company headquartered in London, England. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. Intertek is an industry leader with more than 43,800 employees in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries. Intertek offers services and solutions in various industries like Chemicals, Food & Healthcare, Services, Construction & Engineering, Products & Retail, Government & Trade, Energy & Commodities, Transportation, Others.

Product Portfolio of Intertek include:

  • Assurance
  • Testing
  • Inspection
  • Certification

Key Developments:

  • In May 2021, Intertek announced that it has been accredited to provide independent third-party certification of the Organic Content Standard (OCS). The OCS is an international, voluntary standard that verifies that one or more input materials in a final product are organically grown. Intertek’s accreditation scope covers the entire supply chain, excluding first processors.
  • In August 2018, Intertek Group plc announced that it has agreed to acquire Alchemy Investment Holdings, Inc., an industry leader in People Assurance solutions for the food industry. Alchemy has developed industry-leading content delivered through technology-enabled platforms that provide interactive People Assurance solutions to operations in the food industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Projected CAGR value of the Animal Feed Testing Market?

Animal Feed Testing Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% during the forecasting period 2022-2029.

Which region controlled the global market during 2022-2029?

North America region Controls the Animal Feed Testing Market during 2022-2029

Which is the fastest growing region in the Animal Feed Testing Market?

Among all regions, Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market share during the forecast period 

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