Acute Renal Failure (ARF) – Pipeline Insights – 2018

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Acute Renal Failure

  • The “Acute Renal Failure (ARF) – Pipeline Insights, 2018″ report covers an in-depth analysis of Acute Renal Failure drug molecules currently undergoing clinical studies. It provides a deep understanding of potential Acute Renal Failure drug molecules across all drug development phases.
  • The report assesses the pipeline Acute Renal Failure molecules by stage of development (discovery, pre-clinical, IND, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and pre-registration), by recruitment status (recruiting, active not recruiting, completed, NA, and unknown), therapy type (monotherapy, combination products), molecule type (small molecules, Biologics and others), drug target, mechanism of action (MoA), and route of administration (oral, IV, and others).
  • The report provides a snapshot of discontinued and dormant drugs too. In addition, the report includes key insights on other development activities, including (but not limited to) – licensing, collaborations, acquisitions, funding, patent, and regulatory designations.
  • The report covers company profiles key players in developing Acute Renal Failure drug molecules. The company profile includes key info on overview, financial highlights, product portfolio, business strategies, and key recent developments.


The scope of the report

• Provides comprehensive understanding of active Acute Renal Failure pipeline drug candidates

• Includes all-inclusive pipeline product coverage with segregation by various stages of the pipeline from discovery to late-stage.

• Offers pipeline assessment by monotherapy, combination therapy products, and route of administration

• Provides a comparative analysis of key marketed products and pipeline drug candidates

• Includes detailed pipeline drug profiles covering – product description, chemical information, molecule type, mechanism of action, route of administration, product safety and efficacy, developers and collaborators

• Provides key info on players involved in clinical R&D of Acute Renal Failure drug candidates.

• Provides in-depth coverage of key news related to Acute Renal Failure drug molecules, including major mergers and acquisitions and product development updates such as clinical trial progression updates and regulatory updates.


Reasons To Buy this report

• To obtain an understanding of the current Acute Renal Failure pipeline landscape.

• To determine drug development dynamics and leverage it for innovation of novel or repositioned drugs.

• To valuably optimize R&D activities in-line with robust therapeutic drug markets.

• To devise strategic initiatives by identifying prospective partners with progressing projects.

Acute renal failure

  • Acute renal failure (ARF) is a sudden loss of kidney’s ability to eliminate excess fluids, salts and metabolic waste from the body that leads to the accumulation of metabolic waste and electrolytes, which will be life-threatening. Kidney eliminates creatinine (Metabolic waste) from the body.
  • However, due to few medications like trimethoprim, cimetidine, and sulfa-methaoxazole, tubular secretion of the kidney is reduced.
  • It leads to accumulation of creatinine in the blood, which leads to acute renal failure.  Causes of ARF are categorized as prerenal, intrarenal and postrenal. Prerenal causes are common with depletion of intravascular volume. Intrarenal is due to damage of the tubules. Postrenal is due to the obstruction of tracks. Few of the key risk factors associated with ARF include –kidney diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart failure.
  • Treatment mainly includes the underlying cause of ARF. It mainly includes the balancing of body fluids, potassium supplements, calcium supplements, and dialysis. The treatment is directed to optimize the renal perfusion and blood glucose control.
  • Global Acute Renal Failure Therapeutics market witnessed rapid growth due to rising demand for potential health benefits.
  • International private foundations are actively involved in raising awareness. Collaborative, multidisciplinary initiative is taken by the companies to develop an innovative therapy for acute renal failure. Many novel therapies are under the later phase of development targeting a better preventive and therapeutic approach.
  • Most of the companies are developing innovative technologies for the synthesis or production of drug candidates for the treatment of AKI.
  • Quark Pharmaceuticals is focusing on developing an innovative technology platform for generating chemically modified siRNA compounds like QPI-1002 targeting the p53 gene and their delivery to the desired organs. Silver Creek Pharmaceuticals is using smart growth factor technology platform for the development of growth factors, which play an important role in the pathology of many disease states, and in development, maintenance of tissue homeostasis. AM‐Pharma is developing a recombinant human Alkaline Phosphatase (recAP) for inflammatory diseases. Angion Biomedica is using BB3, a small molecule with hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)-like activity, which is entering Phase 3 clinical trials in order to limit delayed graft function in kidney transplant patients, and entering Phase 2 clinical trials in patients with cardiac surgery who develop acute kidney injury (AKI). LG Life Sciences is developing Gemigliptin that is in Phase II/III of AKI.
  • Alloksys Life Sciences developed the therapeutic RESCAP® platform based on Alkaline Phosphatase (AP), a naturally occurring protein in the human body. After successful development of Exponential Biotherapeutics lead product (EA-230) for AKI and irradiation damage, EBI’s pipeline provides a path forward for the development of new and promising critical care therapies for multiple organ damage. Higher number of studies is found to be in Phase II, Phase III trials of drug development compared to Phase I.
  • Because of the increasing burden of acute renal failure, professional organizations and societies are spreading the information effectively to increase awareness. American Society of Nephrology and International society of nephrology are professional organizations that are involved in promoting education and research.
  • Acute renal failure is common globally and imposes high health care burden. All these factors are the drivers in the rapid growth of acute renal failure market. Late recognition, lack of institutions and caregiver coordination, inappropriate knowledge acts as a restraint in the growth of the acute renal failure Therapeutics market.
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