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Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) are standards used to check the quality and metrological traceability of products.

Improving analytical chemistry applications, including forensic science, clinical analysis, environmental analysis, and materials analysis

In analytical chemistry, CRM is commonly used. The proper application of CRM provides the best information on (confidence in) the quality of the obtained measurement results. According to ISO Guide 33 ‘Uses of Certified Reference Materials, they are applied for calibration of an apparatus, assessment of method and instrument performance, method validation, establishing traceability of the measurement results and determining the uncertainty of these results.

Furthermore, CRM played a vital role in quality control assurance in environmental analysis because data quality from measurements is crucial

The growing value of a clean environment is creating an urgent demand for more precise research methods. The use of certified reference material (CRM) in environmental analysis offers quality assurance and allows for the traceability and reliability of analytical findings, thus triggering the demand for the materials in the environment sector in recent times.

In addition, the measurement of biomarkers, mainly in blood, is performed in many hospital laboratories. The results are used to monitor health status, support diagnosis, screen for disease, and monitor the effectiveness of therapies. Thus improving healthcare infrastructure and increasing government investment creates enormous opportunities for certified reference materials for various diagnostics and research purposes

Market Opportunities

Improving healthcare and research infrastructure across developing countries

  • Developing countries are growing their healthcare infrastructure at the fastest rate, which offers significant growth opportunities for clinical microbiology product manufacturers and distributors involved in diagnosis and quality control assurance of healthcare products
  • Increasing prevalence of infectious diseases including HIV, tuberculosis, and others is supported by improvements in healthcare infrastructure, growing healthcare expenditure with maximum availability and affordability of low-cost clinical microbiology products such as certified reference material
  • Increasing government investment in healthcare-related R&D is another factor creating demand for certified reference materials for analytical calculation

Increasing concern towards adoption of safe and healthy food products

  • The growing consumption of unsafe & adulterated food is the main reason for foodborne infections, allergic reactions, mercury poisoning, and food intoxication, leading to a demand for certified reference materials for food testing laboratories adulteration and ensure food safety


The global outbreak of coronavirus has shown a negative impact on the growth of the certified reference materials market. The severity of impact varies from different end-users. Considering the food and beverages industry, the certified reference materials market showed a sharp drop, particularly in 2020-2021. The universities and scientific research centers focusing their studies on food and beverages are major end-users of analytical standards. As the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the temporary closure of FMCG research institutes globally, this end-user segment has been affected drastically over the last few months. Furthermore, environmental analysis is among the largest application segment of the certified reference materials market, and the sudden lockdown has put on hold studies related to emissions of pollutants, regulatory mandates related to the environment, environmental quality degradation, and solid waste generation, thereby end hampering the growing business of the product. Although clinical analysis includes measurement of biomarkers, mainly in blood, it is performed in many hospital laboratories.  The results are used to monitor health status, support diagnosis, screen for disease, and monitor the effectiveness of therapies. Hence the outbreak of coronavirus has accelerated the market of certified reference materials, particularly in the clinical analysis, due to rising cases of Covid-19 patients across the globe.

However, as the pharmaceutical industry is concerned, certified reference materials have gained massive growth in the Covid-19 period, and the growth is expected to grow significantly in the forecast period. The materials have played a vital role in treatments, vaccines and diagnostics of the novel virus around the world. The certified reference materials are used as quality control and assurance tools to enable testing accuracy: explore the range of products for Covid-19 related testing, including reference standards for antivirals, Bcr-Abl inhibitors, protease inhibitors, and hydroxychloroquine, coupled with proficiency testing for SARS-CoV-2, thereby triggering the market of the product in the 2020-2021 period. In petrochemical industries, certified reference materials are used widely for fuel testing and its impact on the environment. However, due to sudden hold on the ongoing research on CRM's on fuel analysis has hampered the market's growth in recent times

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