1K Cementitious Waterproofing Mortar Market

1K Cementitious Waterproofing Mortar Market

1K Cementitious Waterproofing Mortar Market is segmented By Technology (Polymer-Modified, Re-dispersible Polymer Powder (RDP), Polymer Modified)


Growing demand for single component and rising demand of the product in different applications

1K cementitious waterproofing mortar is a one-component product that requires only water in the mixture. The single-component product is straightforward to mix, shows adjustable consistency and easy to apply by brush or trowel even on vertical surfaces.

In addition, the product offers good sag resistance and excellent adhesion on many substrates, including concrete, cement mortars, stone, masonry. These advantages offered by the products boost its demand in various applications, including in below-grade interior foundation walls, parking garages, basements, water and wastewater treatment plants and others, leading to uplift the product's market in the forecast period

1K cementitious waterproofing mortar is flexible and protects different concrete structures, including tanks, basins, pipes etc. In addition, the product is used in waterproofing bathrooms, terraces, balconies, showers, swimming pools before applying ceramic tiles bonded with adhesives

The primary application is to provide flexible protection coating modified with special alkali-resistant polymers for reinforced concrete structures against the effects of freeze-thaw and carbon dioxide attack to improve durability and maintain structural stability

Thus tremendously improving application range of 1K cementitious waterproofing mortar is accelerating the demand of the product and increasing construction industry coupled with repairing projects are expected to drive the market share for the future

Growing inclination towards sustainable building 

Various companies offering waterproofing solutions have started investing a significant chunk of their revenue in building advanced technology for creating sustainable buildings

Buildings are an essential part of the urban fabric. And one of the most critical areas of intervention is the building and construction sector, which offers chances to reduce environmental effects while also contributing to the accomplishment of sustainable development goals, thereby creating opportunities for key players of IK cementations waterproofing mortar build a solution for sustainable building future

Water is the leading cause of building decay and deterioration. Furthermore, water can easily penetrate concrete and have immediate and long-term effects on the building in damage to building contents and even structural failure if the problem is not dealt with quickly and successfully

There have been technological advancements in waterproofing materials and systems. Manufacturers are releasing innovative, long-lasting, and eco-friendly goods to the market while keeping the environment, safety, and health in mind. Nowadays, 'Green' being in the spotlight from all the sectors for its eco-friendly nature and created immense opportunities for the waterproofing industry to proliferate in the near future

For instance, Wacker, a growing company in Southeast Asia since 1984, has developed waterproofing solutions for sustainable building. VINNAPAS is dispersible polymer powder for the formulation of one-component (1K) cementitious waterproofing membranes

The product offers excellent long-lasting water protection and shows excellent adhesion to many different substrates. Furthermore, the product has a wide application range such as kitchens and bathrooms, balconies and terraces (as an impermeable layer under tiles), swimming pools, water tanks (for drinking water; national regulations must be observed), sewage drainage and others

Also, in May 2017, Archroma had launched Mowilith POWDER 2702 re-dispersible polymer powder (RDP) to support the introduction of 1K (one-component) premium-performance waterproofing mortars for building and construction applications. It possesses several characteristics such as easy handling, only water requirement, economical, lower-weight packaging, easier application, reliable handling and others

Thus, growing technological advancements in waterproofing solutions and a growing inclination towards sustainable building adoption are expected to create immense opportunities for the product market in the forecast period

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1K Cementitious Waterproofing Mortar Market

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