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South America is one of the high-growth economic regions globally for 1K cementitious waterproofing market, estimated to account for a share of 1.12% in 2020

South America 1K cementitious waterproofing market valued US$ 41.87 million in 2020 and is estimated to reach US$ XX million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 4.0% during the forecast period

South America is one of the high-growth economic regions globally for 1K cementitious waterproofing market, estimated to account for a share of 1.12% in 2020

Several factors such as increasing government spending on infrastructures, growing disposable income of the middle class in countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Colombia and growing awareness concerning waterproofing mortar are significant driving forces for South America 1K cementitious waterproofing market

Various international level companies are investing in this region due to the fast-growing economy of Brazil and Argentina by activities such as merger & acquisition and establishing new subsidiaries and factories. For instance, Sika AG had established a new subsidiary in Honduras to expand its business further in Central America. Additionally, it had opened concrete admixture and mortar factories in Peru and Guatemala in 2018

Increasing government initiatives and growing infrastructure development in Brazil is also driving the 1K cementitious waterproofing market gradually from US$ 33.41 million in 2020 to US$ XX million in 2028 with a growth rate of 4.4% in the forecast period

For instance, Sao Paulo is significantly investing in public transportation. The city has built new subway and monorail lines, or increased existing lines, with the help of Sika solutions. These programs are mainly planned to end or restrict the Brazilian metropolis's infamous traffic congestion

South American countries urgently need infrastructure development to cater to citizens' requirements, forcing public and private organizations to initiate various infrastructure programs in this region

For example, Private investment in infrastructure in South America is considerably higher than in other developing regions. In Asia, only about 10% of the infrastructure is privately funded than over 50% in South America. Governments across the region also have clear intentions to increase the level of private investment over the years

Still, South America is suffered from its inadequate infrastructure. Over 60% of the roads in South America are unpaved, compared to 46% in emerging economies of Asia and 17% in Europe. About two-thirds of sewage is untreated in the region. Additionally, according to the World Health Organization, poor sanitation and lack of clean water are the second-biggest killers of children under five years old

Further, South America spends a smaller share of GDP on infrastructure than any other region except sub-Saharan Africa. All these factors will propel the countries to invest in infrastructure development in this region which will create more opportunities for the 1K cementitious waterproofing market to grow rapidly in the forecast period. The growth of infrastructure in this region is still slowed down recently due to protest movements, political uncertainties, uprisings in the key economic regions, and a weakening of global trade

However, according to Sika AG, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, and Paraguay all had decent growth rates in 2019, which contributed to a 10% share in revenue generation for the company. A strong distribution business network added to the positive business result of the region as a whole

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