Blog - Tire Cord Market Share Demand Analysis 2022-2029


The Tire Cord Market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7.18% during the forecast period (2022-2029).

Some of the global key players are Teijin Ltd., Hyosung Corporation, Kordsa Teknik Tekstil A.S., Toray Hybrid Cord Inc, Century Enka Limited, Firestone Fibers & Textile Company, Indorama Ventures, SRF Limited, Kolon Industries Inc, Tire Cord USA and others.

Indorama Ventures

  • Indorama Ventures is a leading chemicals company with global integrated leadership in PET and fibers, serving a wide range of end-use markets.
  • Indorama Ventures is a major global intermediate and downstream petrochemicals producer with 124 locations in 33 countries providing value-added and differentiated products and services to various consumer goods industries.
  • With local manufacturing facilities, enhanced value integration and convenient locations, the company sells products in over 100 countries worldwide.
  • It provides a diverse range of petrochemical products through the following divisions: Feedstock, PET, Packaging, Fibers and Recycled products.

SRF Limited

  • SRF Limited is one of the world's largest producers of difluoro and trifluoro alkyl intermediates, as well as the world's second-largest producer of Nylon 6 tire cord textiles (globally).
  • In 1974, SRF Limited opened its first Tire Cord Fabrics plant in Manali, near Chennai. These fabrics are utilized in a variety of tires as reinforcing material.
  • The organization is distributed throughout 75 countries, with a staff of roughly 7,000 individuals of various nationalities operating in 11 manufacturing sites in India and one each in Thailand, South Africa and Hungary.
  • SRF manufactures tire cord fabrics at three locations in India. It manufactures High Modulous Low Shrinkage (HMLS) polyester yarn for tire cord fabric using Toray Industries' world-renowned technology.

Kolon Industries Inc.

  • Since, the first production of nylon in Korea in 1957, KOLON Industries, Inc. has grown considerably and is now an independent company after the KOLON Group adopted a joint-stock structure in 2010.
  • The company focuses on four main business divisions: industrial materials, chemicals, film / electronic materials and fashion
  • KOLON Industries, Inc. plans to globalize its automotive materials, advanced materials, optical film, chemical and fashion industries by increasing investment in high-value products. 
  • KOLON Industries, Inc. has been identified for the quality and technology by national and international companies such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental.

Tire Cord USA

  • Tire Cord USA has been in operation since 1989 as a branch of BMS International, Inc.
  • From its 400,000 square foot distribution warehouse near Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, it distributes roughly 10 million pounds of substandard nylon and polyester high tenacity yarn, cabled cord, belt fabric and tire cord fabric. 
  • Tire Cord USA is the world's leading distributor of substandard tire cord fabric and related items, with over 25 years of experience.
  • Tire Cord USA acquires all the products directly from tires & textiles manufacturers in North America, South America, Asia, Europe & Africa. The commodities are delivered to a distribution center in the United States, where they are processed, inspected and repackaged for local and international sales.

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