COVID-19 can change your business profit

The Covid-19 pandemic is leading to severe shortages of several essential goods and services, such as hand sanitizers, N-95 masks, ICU beds, and ventilators. Though rationing is not unprecedented, never before has the American public been faced with the prospect of having to ration medical goods and services on this scale.
The Covid-19 has caused economic disruptions and high uncertainty which is reflected in lower valuations and increased volatility in the financial markets. The US economy contributes more than any other country to global GDP, 15% of total. When it falls, entire global economy drags. The pandemic has presented manifold challenges for global economy, causing severe disruptive impact on both demand and supply side elements which has the potential to derail the growth.


Healthcare Industry

People across the globe are awaiting for the vaccine breakthrough for deadly COvid 19, for which a few of the major companies has deepened their research aspects. Companies step up with products in pipeline, but we need to wait and see who comes first!!

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Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry is the major source for most of the precautionary aspects to combat COvid 19, however, with the current scenario happening around the globe, there exists huge challenge for major players in the market.

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Agriculture Industry

DataM provides an the most updated and recent executive summary/outlook on COvid-19 effetc on Agriculture Industry summarising on current and futuristic scenario on global and at regional, with comparisons for actuals without COvid- 19 in the year 2020.

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Food and Beverages

The outbreak of Corona virus in China is posing significant effect on the global food and beverage industry. The traditional supply chain of any food industry include raw material processing, food production, distribution, food service and consumption. The rise of COVID-19 crisis is likely to disrupt most of these industry partners.

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