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superhydrophobic coatings market is highly fragmented with high product differentiation and a large number of players operating the market.

Superhydrophobic coatings are finding applications in a wide range of applications from electronics to textile, construction, medical and optical. The potential benefits offered by these surfaces are promoting the adoption in these industries. These materials are primarily used as a water repellent in ultra-dry surface applications.

Besides these use cases, Superhydrophobic coatings provide antimicrobial, anticorrosive, de-icing, and self-cleaning properties that made them suitable for use in several other applications. The technological advancements in hydrophobic technology led to the development of advanced materials with high abrasion and erosion resistance. Products are designed for use in military and defense applications that can lower operating costs. In the military Superhydrophobic coatings can be used in soldiers' clothes owing to their self-cleaning property. Also, solar power panels are another promising application of Superhydrophobic coatings that use these coatings to enhance anti-wetting on panel surfaces.

Waterproofing has been a key aspect of safety in electronic devices as water is the main cause of lost function. Wetting of sub-components such as display, semiconductor wafers, and batteries results in damage to the overall device. Thus, the need for waterproofing materials has been high in the industry. Superhydrophobic coatings are used in consumer electronics ranging from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearable electronics. These materials are used to impart waterproofing to a wide range of surfaces including ceramic, polymers, metals, and glass in electronic devices.

The demand for water-repellent coatings in consumer electronics has been rapidly growing ever since the development of smartphones in the global market. Leading consumer electronics manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. are largely focused on the development of superhydrophobic coating and these research activities will propel market growth in the near future. Furthermore, the rising use of the wearable electronics market is likely to boost the demand for superhydrophobic coatings in this industry.

The global superhydrophobic coatings market in anti-icing applications is likely to reach USD 8,812.38 thousand in 2027, from its recorded value of USD 4,780.04 thousand in 2019, growing with a CAGR of 8.54% during the forecast period.

Anti-wetting is the most dominating application of superhydrophobic coatings with 54% of the total dollar sales in the global superhydrophobic coatings market. With water-resistant being the primary functionality and use case of these materials, anti-wetting evolved as the lucrative property in various end industries. Coating of anti-wetting superhydrophobic composites ensures water droplets roll off from coating surfaces, thereby preventing the wetting of the device. The property is based on the basic water-repellency of the composites. Electronics and electrical applications of superhydrophobicity are majorly focused on anti-icing/anti-wetting properties. Displays, Integrated Circuits (ICs), sensor devices, and other sub-components are coated to prevent wetting. Textiles, construction materials, and optical devices are some other key product segments driving the growth of this application. Fabric, wood, and paint coated structures are coated with these materials for anti-wetting extensively across the globe.

The global superhydrophobic coatings market is highly fragmented with high product differentiation and a large number of players operating the market. P2i Limited, NEI Corporation, BASF SE, 3M, NeveerWet, and LotusLeaf Coatings are some of the leading players in the market. Major industry players such as Rust-Oleum currently dominate the global market with industrial and consumer brands such as NeverWet, while newer market entrants are undertaking various R&D efforts to compete in the industry. The degree of competition has increased in recent years on account of rising in the emergence of domestic and international companies, focusing on developing products for electronics and various other sectors.

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