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The Latin America Calcium Hypochlorite Market is Segmented by Country into – Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and the Rest of Latin America

Calcium hypochlorite is considered the most stable hypochlorite chemical that is in use as disinfectants and oxidizers in water treatment applications. This compound has high available chlorine content over sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach) and has relatively higher stable disinfectant properties than all other hypochlorites. A commercial grade of calcium hypochlorite has about 65%-70% of chlorine. This high stability properties of Ca(Clo)2 enable it to maintain its chlorination capability over storage time, thus increasing the overall efficiency of disinfection in water treatment applications. It is considered the most widely used chemical compound in swimming pool water treatment to prevent contamination and kill germs that pose adverse effects on human health. The high chlorine content also makes it ideal for use as an industrial sanitizer across various industrial locations including paper and pulp, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, and power plants. It is also used in farming practices as post-harvest soil treatment chemicals, treatment for fruit and vegetable seeds, sanitation of food, beverage containers, hospital equipment, and others.

Paper Mills

Hypochlorites are started used as a bleaching agent of wood pulp. Although several alternatives have originated that are environmentally friendly. They led to decreased use of it but still a huge amount of hypochlorite bleach is used in many paper industries.

Hypochlorite bleach is an oxidizing agent. Two types of hypochlorite bleaching agents are used in pulp and paper industries such as calcium hypochlorite and sodium hypochlorite. Calcium hypochlorite bleach is used in the paper industry majorly compared to sodium hypochlorite. The pulp and paper industry is gradually adopting chlorine-free pulp bleaching processes. Chlorine and chlorine-based products such as gaseous chlorine. sodium hypochlorite. and calcium hypochlorite is commonly used in the pulp bleaching process. The shift in the pulp and paper industry from a chlorine-based bleaching process to a chlorine-free bleaching process is likely to impact the growth of the Latin America calcium hypochlorite market.

Argentina Calcium Hypochlorite Market 

The Argentina market for Calcium Hypochlorite was valued at USD XX Mn in 2019 and the market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period to reach a market value of USD XX million by 2027. From drinking water to food and beverage processing to commercial swimming pools, cal hypo is becoming a preferred alternative to chlorine gas and bleach. Argentina, one of the largest economies in Latin America with vast natural resources in energy and agriculture, is a leading food producer with large-scale agricultural and livestock industries. Argentina's leading industrial sectors include food processing, beverages, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, oil refining, motor vehicles, and auto parts. The food and beverage industry is one of the sectors with more competitive advantages in Argentina and is currently looking for internalization and to grow at the export level. Beverage major coca-cola has announced to invest USD 1.2 billion over the three years 2019-2021 to upgrade current existing facilities and to construct new production lines. Which increases the demand for water and effective use of water. Argentina introduced the national water plan defining the four main components of water policy in 2017 including clean water supply and sanitation, large-scale multi-purpose water infrastructure and biomass; use of water for production, and adaptable water management and policies to deal with climate change and variability.  In addition to the government's intention to effective use of water and natural resources, The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has been providing funding to American countries For some operations in sectors such as water and sanitation, solid waste management, energy and roads, the Bank provides loans that have a programmatic approach. Therefore the growing food and beverages, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, oil refining, motor vehicles, and auto parts sectors in the country are rising the need for water resources, hence to address the issue Argentina's government has been initiating plans. In this scenario the better water treating chemicals such as calcium hypochlorite to take a surge in demand, during the forecast period. 

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