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DMI segments the Europe Mineral Wool Panels Market

Rising demand for the pre-engineered buildings (PEB) in Europe for adopting the environment-friendly nature and positive outlook in acoustic insulation applications used in the building & construction sector. In Europe the pre-engineered buildings (PEB) has been drastically increased. Global consumers of raw materials, and constructed objects account for 25-40% of the world’s total carbon emissions. 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to buildings (at the same time, the UK government has set a target for 2025 of 50% reduction in today’s level of greenhouse gas emissions in the country’s built environment)

Government Initiatives, such as Housing for all, Smart Cities, etc., are fueling the growth of the urban infrastructure and construction development, which shows a promising opportunity for the market in the forecast period. Companies are launching sandwich panels for industrial and commercial construction segments.

For instance, Alucoil has launched Larcore, a sandwich panel with honeycomb core and aluminum skins agencies in a continuous industrial process. In January 2017, Isopan launched a new product “intelligent sandwich panel” to evolve buildings into smart buildings.

Mineral Wool Panels Market Is Segmented By Type Rock Wool,Glass Wool And Slag Wool.

“Rock wool type for mineral wool panels market is valued at USD 39.42 Million in 2019 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.0% over the forecast period to reach a USD 44.43 Million by 2027”

Rock wool is made from the insulation of rock-based mineral fiber materials such as basalt volcanic rock and recycled slag. The recycled slag contains by-products of the steel and copper industry which are melted together and spun into fibers. These rock wool are available in abundant amounts on the earth which are extracted, processed and used for insulation purpose.

Thus rock wool is being used for several applications including for residential insulation, industrial pipes insulations, commercial and industrial insulation, building & construction insulations. Rock wool is a cost-effective building and construction insulation solution which offers thermal insulation and fire protection. They have better sound absorption and noise reduction capacity hence preferred in industrial applications.The rock wool demand is driven by increasing adoption of green building projects and construction as well as rising demand for thermally efficient buildings for comfortable living.

The rock wool possesses environmental benefits such as it helps in reduction of energy consumption, reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 and NOx emission from buildings which helps to make buildings more energy efficient. For instance in Europe, the rock wool demand is driven by increasing adoption of green building projects and construction as well as rising demand for thermally efficient buildings for comfortable living .

Growing investment and funding for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the building and construction has propelled this segmental growth. For instance as per the report by Europe UNEP Organization, the governments, companies, private institutions from around 136 countries have invested around US$ 139 billion for low-carbon building materials, building envelope improvements, nature-based solutions, and equipment and system efficiency. This propels the demand for rock wool material for building insulation around the globe.

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